Learn the Secrets to Attracting Men and Get the Man of Your Dreams to Say, “I Do.”

Do you ever wonder what really attracts men? Is it beauty? Brains? Sexuality? Style? Do you want to know what will keep him in love with you forever? Imagine if you knew all of the strategies and techniques for cementing a man’s attraction to you. Read the articles below on how to attract a man…and keep him once you’ve got him.

Beauty Comes From Within!

So many women think that caking on make-up, putting in expensive hair weaves and color changes, and sporting fancy clothing is what creates real beauty […]

What is the Mysterious Attraction of the Vagina?

As men, we unknowingly spend the greater part of our lives chasing women but perhaps have never wondered why. But why do men spend their […]

How to Know the Dating World is Small?

You meet this fabulous guy and show up to his home wearing a piece of living art in the form of a jacket, www.itsallabout.love, and […]

Diary of a Gigolette

An interview with Ms. Kitty Cat, a former Gigolette Let’s first start by defining “Gigolette.” Have you ever heard of a Gigolo? A Gigolo is […]

Are Women the Masters of Illusion?

Thirty plus years ago, men didn’t have to wonder whether a woman’s boobs were real … or her butt, or hair, or even her lips […]

Why Do Men Date Women Who Are Losers?

If you’re asking this question, it’s probably because you can’t have the man you want or maybe you are the woman or the friend of […]

Should The Modern Day Woman Be Submissive In A Relationship?‏

Let’s define submission, for starters – that word is trickier than you might think! “Submission means the action or fact of accepting or yielding to […]

What To Do When Love Does Not Pay The Bills?

Question: did love EVER pay the bills? Answer: no. Love does not, will not, and cannot ever pay the bills. All I can think of […]

Part II: Do You Know What It Means To Be A Good Girlfriend, Fiance or Wife?

For all of you ladies who are curious on how a man views a woman to be a good girlfriend, fiancé or wife, please continue […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Wife, Fiance or Girlfriend?

The Bible [reference: The Living Bible -Complete Catholic Edition copyright 1972, 1977] states in Proverbs 31 verses 10-12, “If you can find a truly good […]

The Super Nice Woman vs. the Super Ugly Spirited Woman

Dr. Jeckyll vs. Mrs. Hyde. Who are you? A super nice woman can get away with just about anything.  But what if you know that […]

Can Sex Attract and Conquer a Man?

Some men cannot, as the old saying goes, be whipped by sex. Surprised? I know you thought you were going to reel him in and […]