Category : Relationship Advice

Setting Boundaries for the Men in Your Life Is Critical

If you want to be truly respected by men, you must set boundaries. As a lady, you’ll find that boundaries provide security and help to protect against attacks from all t...

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Category : Dating Advice

What Does The Old Adage “Be Friends First” Have To Do With Dating?

Perhaps the key to a successful and long lasting relationship is true friendship. Without friendship, you are having nothing but a sexual escapade. This is the reaso...

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Category : Understanding Men

How to Make a Comeback after Falling Out of Grace!

First of all, understand that how old you are does not make a difference in your results. Please realize that you could be fifty years old, but when you don't know what to...

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Category : You

What Is a Woman Saying When She Dresses Provocatively?

When a woman wears sexy clothing, chances are that she is wearing the clothes in order to feel good about herself in a number of ways. For one thing, she wants to fit in w...

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Category : Sex

Sleeping with the Enemy

Who is the enemy? Read on, and you might just discover it’s been you. An enemy in a relationship is anyone acting contrary to the agreed upon goals and objectives of ...

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Category : Attracting Men

Beauty Comes From Within!

So many women think that caking on make-up, putting in expensive hair weaves and color changes, and sporting fancy clothing is what creates real beauty an attraction. But ...

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Category : Ask Simon

Jay Z & Beyoncé Getting Divorced?

Jay-Z and Beyonce Getting Divorced? I have heard the rumors that Jay Z and Beyoncé are getting a divorce! Ok now, I am extremely disappointed: can’t anybody stay ma...

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