How to Know If He’s Serious About You

seriousWith all the game players in the world, how can you know he’s serious about you? In the grand scheme of things, this is probably one the easiest things to tell about a man. You just have to know what signs to look for. Let’s start with one simple statement. When a man is serious about you, he’ll make sure you know.

When a man is serious about you, he’ll make sure you know.

The dating world can be a confusing place for men and women alike. But, when a man is into you, truly into you, he’s going to display his feelings. You’ll be able to see it clearly. It’s not enough for a man just to say he cares. Anyone can say they care or that they love you. When a man is truly into you, he’ll back those words up with concrete action. Now, every man is different. We all show our caring in different ways. But, make no mistake about it, we will show you in our own unique way.

A man who cares about you will take everything he knows about you – the positive and the negative – and use it to your advantage. Not his, but yours. He’ll promote your desires. He’ll support your dreams. Say, for instance, you want to change careers. He’ll look for ways to help you achieve that goal. He’ll make you feel better about the things you don’t like about yourself. You don’t like the little bump in the bridge of your nose? It’ll become one of his favorite spots on your body. He’ll remember to do the little things and push you to do the big things. He knows that tulips are your favorite flower. He’ll make sure you get some of those on occasion. He knows that you’ve always wanted to travel to Spain. He’ll work towards trying to make that happen. A man can be quite accommodating when he’s into you.

When a man is serious about you, he’ll want to make sure you stay. He’ll strive to keep you happy. He’ll work on the things you don’t particularly like about his character. He’ll do whatever he thinks you need him to do to keep you with him. You’ll notice that he won’t hang out with the guys as much. And when he does, he’ll make sure to let you know. You don’t like the fact that he smokes? A man who’s into you will really try to quit. Now, of course, this won’t be easy, but he will try.

The most evident thing a man can do to show you that he’s into you is to put all of your needs before his own. All of them. Just like everything else, this can be done in a variety of ways. Say you’re short on cash and you can’t afford gas. He’s going to fill up that gas tank. Whatever it is you need, he’ll be there. Be it financially, mentally, whatever the case may be. He’s going to do whatever he can to make sure his woman is okay. Yes, if he’s serious about you, he’ll treat you like you’re his woman even if you may not be at the time. A man who’s serious is a man who’s going to put in the necessary time and work to show you.

Need-Help-ad-3x2Here’s the catch. Men have insecurities just like you do. So, he’s not going to act like he’s serious if he’s not getting the necessary vibes from you. If you like him, act like you like him. Now, be careful not to give him too much. Some women make the mistake of throwing all their cards in before they should. Remember, men will always give you signs at various stages of your relationship that’ll clue you in to their true intentions. When you know he’s interested, show him you are too. It’s a cat and mouse game that switches hands. Sometimes you’re the mouse, sometimes you’re the cat. If he’s showing he’s serious, then make sure he knows you like him too, or guess what? He’ll cut back on all those proactive actions of his.

One huge sign that a man is taking you seriously is when he uses “we” to describe the two of you. This means he views you as a couple, a unit. More importantly, it means he’s taking you very seriously.

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