Understanding the Most Common Lies Men Tell You

Most common liesWhat are the most common lies we tell you? And more importantly, what are the reasons behind those lies? Well, the first thing you need to know about men is that we think in very linear patterns. This means that when we do something, we plan to reach a direct goal from that initial action. We may need to follow up that initial action with others to get us closer to achieving that goal, but the point remains. We are trying to achieve something. We think in straight lines. It’s always A+B=C, all day, everyday. Men perceive women to think in non-linear patterns. A+B does not equal C. Thus, the conflict.

With that being said, why do men lie? Well, it’s fairly simple. A man will lie to you in order to attempt to get closer to you. Now, NOT ALL MEN LIE, but the ones who do are clearly trying to get you to like them. Or, at least get you comfortable enough with them so they can get what they want from you, be it a relationship, sex, or in some cases, money or other services. The reason that they lie is because they feel that what they have to offer just isn’t enough to keep you interested. A+B is not equal to C, so they input something else for B in order for A+B to equal C. “I’ll tell her this because it will make me more attractive to her”. They’re looking to keep you there. Now, we’re not justifying lying in any way, shape, or form. Relationships built upon lying are bound to fail. And if you can’t trust him to tell you the truth, then establishing a good union will be very difficult. Doubt and insecurity are often the key suspects in the mass murder of most relationship attempts. Lying is that doorway to allow doubt and insecurity to sneak into your union.

Take note that sometimes a man won’t necessarily lie to get something out of you. He’ll actually lie because he cares about your feelings. It sounds stupid, we know, but many men will tell small stories just to keep the peace with you. We’ll touch on this a little later.

Here are some of the most common lies we tell.

Jobs. A man will lie to a potential mate about his current job situation. We know that women seek out stability and security in a relationship. We also know that flipping burgers at a fast food joint may not be the best profession to fortify that security and stability you need. But, we like you. Now, we use the term “like” loosely. It could mean he’s interested in getting to know you and all that pleasant stuff. Or, it could mean he thinks you’re hot and he’s trying to bed you. But either way, A+B=C. “I’ll tell her I have a good job in order for her to like me more”. It’s as simple as that.

Relationship status. There are the men out there who try to juggle women. So, the obvious way to get at those women is to have them think you’re single, right? Yeah, the players out there will hide their dating status in order to get you. That’s pretty self explanatory. There are also men in transitional phases of their lives who will do the same. What we mean is, he may be dating someone who isn’t right for him. He’s going to end it with her anyway, but he meets you during the process. The guy likes you so he tells you he’s single even though technically he’s still involved with someone else. Once again, the linear equation comes into effect. Both men assume that they have a better chance of being more attractive to you if you don’t know he has a mate or mates.

Need-Help-ad-3x2Goals in life. This goes along with the job explanation. The reason why people lie is because they think that people won’t accept them for who they are. Whatever the lie may be, it’s done in order to falsely reinvent yourself to the person you’re lying to. He may just love sitting on the couch playing video games. But, he’s going to tell you he wants to travel the world and explore new things. He’s giving you what he thinks you want to hear in order to get what he wants out of you.

Others. You need to take one point from this article. A lie is done in order to receive something for it. He’ll lie about where he lives, his educational background, his car. Hell, he’ll even lie about his height or put up a photo online from 10 years ago (if you haven’t met him yet) if he thinks it’ll help him get closer to achieving his goals with you whatever they may be.

Lies told with good intention. We told you we’d touch on this one. Some men don’t know how to handle the complex emotional being that makes up a woman on, well, an emotional level. So, there are cases when a man will lie just to keep the peace with you. For example, if you’re easily jealous, he may tell you he’s at a male friend’s house instead of the truth. Which is, that he’s hanging out with a female friend of his. Why? Because he knows that you’ll give him grief about spending time with another woman. Even if he knows that it’s strictly platonic, he doesn’t want to risk an argument. Here’s another example. Maybe he is hanging out with his friends, but he’ll say something like, “I’m working late”. Once again, it’s to keep the peace. If you’re the type to scrutinize his every activity, he may try to avoid the conflict by making up a story to keep you calm. “Do I look fat in this dress?” “No babe.” “Is she hotter than me?” “Of course not, love.” These are questions where you may not necessarily want to hear the truth. He realizes this, so he’s going to tell you what you want to hear to keep you from getting hurt.

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