The Top Eight Things That Attract Men to a Woman

Men desire a complex woman who can be a great number of things to them at the appropriate time. Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on, and sometimes we need a beautiful woman to make love to. Being all a woman can be will increase the desire men feel for you, and will help you catch and keep the man of your dreams. Below are just a few of the most desired traits that men of quality look for in a woman they want to create a life with.

Sex – Not just the actual act of having sex, but everything that comes with it. A lot of women fall in to a comfort zone where they let the freak inside go back inside its closet once a long term relationship is established. Being able to satisfy your man’s sexual desires and also being able to have him reciprocate is vital to maintaining long term happiness. Don’t be afraid to tell him what to do or where to go and don’t be timid when it comes to his desires either. It helps to get this conversation established early in a relationship. Let him know the ‘do want to do’ and ‘don’t want to do’ list and let him know when it changes. You both have the right to be happy and fulfilled.

Sensuality and Warmth – If a woman has both sensuality and warmth, she probably does not have a problem attracting quality men. Being able to not only stir up the chemistry in the bedroom with her flirtatious looks, smile, and eyes, but also being able to make us feel as if she is a one-in-a-million woman when it comes to being a compassionate, caring person, is a woman that men of quality seek most.

Honesty – Being honest about your feelings, your insecurities, your wants, and dislikes is crucial to establishing a deep relationship on many levels. It’s almost impossible to build a lasting, committed relationship with a woman you cannot trust. It also shows that you’d rather lie than work out whatever you’re doing or saying behind our backs, and shows a tremendous amount of disrespect, which leads to contempt.

Being Easygoing – This is a tough one for naturally high-strung women or women with a lot on their plates, but being able to relax when around your man in an intimate setting is crucial to establishing a solid, sensual side to your relationship. If you seem uptight, stressed out, and rigid, it may confuse most men into thinking you’re not interested in being around them or that they cannot satisfy you fully and may move on.

Family and Friends – Being able to fit in with your man’s family is crucial in order to not create fights and add stress to an area in your man’s life you are trying to be welcomed into. If you have a bad mother-in-law or your man’s best friend is a real jerk, that is just something you have to deal with, especially if your man is a solid person who just happens to have a bad family member(s) or strange friends.

Touchy Feely – Men liked to be hugged and kissed and let known they are appreciated. Make sure to hug and kiss your man at least 2-3 times every day. It will reassure him that the bond between the two of you is strong and will always leave him feeling better than he did before you kissed and hugged him. However, don’t make it a burden or hug and kiss him when he’s watching the last 10 seconds of a tied playoff game on television.

Ability to Surprise – Having an amazing woman who can constantly surprise us either with her worldly knowledge or wisdoms, or by cutting the grass once in awhile, learning how to surf, or changing her hair style or color keeps life fun. Having a woman who isn’t afraid to grow and surprise her man keeps us interested and makes it easier to commit for the long haul.

Being a Teammate – Life is a constant struggle whether you’re rich or poor. You’ll just have different challenges, but challenges nonetheless. It’s important to be a solid contributing partner in the household, workforce if necessary, and with the family. Most men of quality are willing to shatter old stereotypes when it comes to household chores, especially if his partner is stepping up in other areas to make up for his shortcomings. Not resenting the weaknesses in your man but instead uplifting your responsibilities in the areas he lacks is a very desirable trait, and lets us know you have our backs just as we have yours.

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