22 Gifts That Say “I Love You, Baby” Without Breaking the Bank

Gift ideas for menSearching for the perfect gift for your man, but on a tight budget? No worries – here at How to Get the Man of Your Dreams.com, we surveyed our male readers for gifts they’d love to receive – that cost little to no money. With a little creativity and effort, you can create a lasting impression on the man of your dreams. Below are our top choices for gifts that are affordable or free to give – and will say “I love you, baby” more than a gift card or standard sweater ever will.

1. A scrapbook
All you’ll need is a notebook from your local craft or stationery store. Fill up the pages with photos, ticket stubs, receipts from your outings, and add notes and decorations.

2. A handmade coupon booklet

Make a booklet of coupons he can redeem with you for massages, dinners, or guys-night-outs with no interruptions.

3. A top ten list of compliments
Create a list of reasons that you love him. Examples: #10: I love that you take charge when needed and are willing to follow when needed. #9: I love how you always open the door for me . . .

4. A manly movie night
Select a couple of his favorite MAN movies (Die Hard, Rambo . . . ) and plan a night to watch manly movies with no complaints.

5. A special photo of the two of you in a decorated frame

You can buy an unfinished frame from a craft store, or just get a regular plain one. Embellish it with paint and glue on some decorations.

member-deal-ad6. A handmade knit scarf, hat, or socks

If you don’t know how to knit, you can learn to make a basic scarf. Even if it’s not perfect, he’ll appreciate the time you took to make it for him.

7. A sexy photo of yourself in lingerie

This one speaks for itself.

8. A drawing or painting

You don’t have to be the most talented artist to draw or paint him a picture – it could be of the two of you, or his favorite celebrity, animal, or car. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

9. A home-cooked meal
Prepare his favorite foods and desserts. You could do this as a picnic at the park or the beach, or just at home.

10. A treasure map or scavenger hunt
Any of these gift ideas could be presented as a scavenger hunt or with a treasure map to make it more fun.

11. Handmade jewelry
If he’s the jewelry-wearing type, make him some simple jewelry, like a bracelet or necklace.

12. A naughty video
We’ll leave the details to your imagination.

13. His favorite sweets

Bake (or buy) his favorite sweets – pastries, cookies, candy – and put them in a huge jar with a bow.

14. Books and magazines
If he’s a bookworm, you can scour thrift stores or garage sales for books and magazines he’d enjoy. Your money will go a long way.

15. A poem or bedtime story, written and read by you

A poem can be hand-written on decorative paper and framed. The bedtime story could be a story of the two of you – maybe how you first met – and bound into a “book”. Tuck him in bed and read it to him.

16. A dance
Choreographed and costumed, please!

17. A same-day vacation
Pick a location within a two hour drive of your home. Leave early, spend the day, have lunch, sightsee, and return home that evening. And if you have a few dollars, stay overnight at a bed and breakfast. They typically are inexpensive and can be very romantic.

18. A song
Write and sing (or play) a song for him, if you’re musically inclined.

19. An outdoor excursion

Preferably one that’s clothing optional. Heck, you could do this in a tent in your backyard.

20. Underwear

The only thing men like to get as much as women do is underwear that you’ll tell him he looks sexy in. Ask him to model it for you and that’s two gifts in one.

21. A bath with you
A romantic bath together, with bubbles, candles, wine, and the like.

22. You
For men of all shapes, sizes and races: You = naked over candlelight!

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