How to Know If He’s Bored with the Relationship

How to know if he's boredIt usually happens at some point in every relationship: he’s bored. The trick is, how can you tell? How do you know if his mind is wandering to other things like sports, beer, and women that aren’t you?

Men are notorious for not expressing their feelings. So in order to know if his eyes are starting to glaze over with boredom, you’re going to have to look for these signs.

He Makes Excuses Not to Hang Out
– This doesn’t always mean he’s cheating. But it DOES always mean that he’d rather be doing something else that doesn’t involve a whole lot of you. This can be anything from “the game’s on in the morning, can’t stay for lunch”, to “I’m going to go out with my friends tonight, it was a long week at work.” If he’s really bored, he’s going to look for any chance not to spend time with you. That means that he’ll only put in the required time commitment, but he’s going to find anything – birthdays, holidays, work – to find a way out of being around you.

He’s Not Trying to Be Romantic
– Not all men are into romance, but if he used to take you to dinner, go to the movies, go on a hike or long walks, and you’ve noticed those activities start to taper off or just end entirely – it’s a good sign he’s bored. If your man is engaged with the relationship, he’ll want to do those things with you – because he finds you interesting, fun, and anything but boring. If the walks, dinner, and dates aren’t on his agenda, take note that he may just find them tiresome. Now, of course, sometimes schedules get in the way, so don’t confuse a busy schedule with a bored man. But do make note and try to see if he’s not going out with you because he’s bored.

He Doesn’t Want to Talk to You About His Life – Believe it or not, your man does want to tell you his problems. He does want to open up. But if, when he discusses his life, you offer little enthusiasm or input or sympathy, he’s going to get bored discussing his life, and ultimately bored with the relationship. If he’s stopped connecting with you, it could mean that he’s bored with the connection that you have. When a man is enlivened by your presence, he’s going to look for ways to talk to you – about anything. But if he’s silent, he may just find the relationship dullsville.

He Doesn’t Want to Have Sex – If you’ve noticed his libido start to wane, it’s a very good sign that he’s bored with the relationship. It usually doesn’t take much for a man to want to jump into bed with a woman. But if his sex drive isn’t there, he’s feeling no chemistry or energy, and he’s most likely bored with the relationship.

He’s Trying Too Hard to Bring Spice to the Relationship
– Maybe this means trying something new – like bungee jumping, skiing, new bedroom activities, or something totally out of the blue. Now, if he’s doing these things, he may just want to enjoy these activities with you. So pay attention. But if he’s also doing these things with a hint of “I REALLY need to do something new!”, then he might be trying new things to spice up a relationship that he feels is tiring and stale.

Even if your man won’t come out and say “I’m bored with the relationship”, there are the above signs that can give you a hint. And if you do get that hint, it never hurts to ask. If you feel that your man is bored, ask a Relationship Coach for tips on how to spice things up today.

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