Most Memorable Valentine’s Days

VdaymemNeed inspiration for this year’s Valentine’s Day? Or maybe just a reminder that it could be worse? We asked some of our male readers from our sister site for their best, and worst, Valentine’s Day memories…

“Two years ago, my wife and I decided to place a $5 spending limit on a Valentine’s Day gift for one another. Can true love be adequately expressed with just 5 bucks? Yup. She bought me a fake rose and put it in a vase from a dollar store. It’s a fabric flower with a long mold-able stem and blue petals filled with tissue paper. She gave it to me and said she hopes everyday can be a day of expressing love and affection. That rose has sat on my desk every day since, and is a constant 5 dollar reminder that Valentine’s Day lasts all year.”
Chris G.

“My father once told me that if everyone in the world donated me a penny, I’d be a millionaire. I took that same concept and applied it to flowers. I went around my college campus and asked everyone I saw who had a bundle of flowers or roses if they could spare me just one. By the time I ended my campaign I had gathered hundreds of flowers and roses. I covered the car of a woman I had a crush on and she absolutely loved it! Today, we are happily married for over 10 years.”
James T.

“One of my most memorable Valentine’s Days was one that sucked pretty badly. I caught the girl I was dating with another guy two days before Feb 14th. She had said she was hanging out with her girls, when she was actually kicking it around town with some guy. I didn’t let her know she’d been caught. Instead, I just didn’t call her on the 14th. Needless to say, I had to find someone else to spend my time with that Valentine’s Day.”
Jason B.

“Some years back my significant other and I were not doing well financially. So I wasn’t expecting anything for Valentine’s Day, but she found a way to make it special anyway. She gave me a homemade card, a mini box of chocolates, a fake flower, and a bootleg version of the movie I wanted. Attached to all of it was a note saying that soon, together, we would be able to afford the ‘real ones’.”
Nathan P.

“My most memorable Valentine’s Day was the one on which I proposed to my wife. At a charity auction, I had won an eight-course gourmet meal to be served in the private home of a wealthy restaurateur. My wife-to-be was sure that I would propose that night. Before picking her up, I had dropped a hint that I had something for her. When I did pick her up, I presented her with her Valentine’s day gift – a lovely, collectible plate. Her disappointment was obvious. All through dinner, she believed that she was going to have to continue to wait for the ring. After the last course was served, I rose, stood beside her, and placed the ring in front of her on the table. We both began laughing, and it was through laughter that I proposed and she accepted.”
Steve H.

“My most memorable Valentine’s Day is actually my worst. I was in my early 20s and an old girlfriend of mine phoned and stated she wanted to meet me for lunch to talk and catch up. It was Valentine’s Day! The funny part was that our first date was also on Valentine’s Day. We met and talked and she stated that the reason she wanted to meet was to tell me that after she and I broke up, she had had an abortion. Now mind you, this was a year later. I asked her why she was telling me this now and her response was, ‘I thought you should know.’ So, we talked a bit more and I was not sure how to feel. We said goodbye and I thought we would keep in touch. Well, about a month later I found out from a friend of hers that she lied to me…for absolutely no reason other than to get back at me for breaking up with her!”

Joseph G.

“My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when I had two prospective Valentines who both wanted and expected my time that day, at the exact same time. So what did I do? I took both of them out to dinner together. No, I was not trying to have a threesome – I just chose to be honest and give both women a choice. So I asked, and they said yes. How did dinner go? Well, once one of them realized the other could not hold her liquor, she manipulated the situation by offering her more drinks. She kept pushing the drinks and the other girl kept drinking them. By the end of the night, the energy was weird, and the girl who could not hold her liquor was drunk. We went back to the house and the drunk girl was too toasted to drive home, so I plopped her on the guest bed. The other came to bed with me, though we didn’t do anything. I was disappointed in both of them, and they were cancelled in my mind as real candidates. One, for not knowing when to stop drinking, and the other, for manipulating her to drink instead of suggesting she had had enough.”
Simon S.

“My most memorable Valentine’s Day was while my wife and I were just dating a few years back. We were broke and didn’t want to mess with the restaurant crowds, so we decided to stay in and cook a meal together. After an amazing meal, we spent the rest of the night putting together one of those solve-a-mystery-puzzles. We got so into it, we gave each other detective names and studied the clues to solve the crime! Unfortunately, even with our sly detective skills, we still couldn’t finish the puzzle!”
– Daniel O.

“My most memorable Valentine’s Day occurred last year. It was reasonably straight-forward; I got my girlfriend some flowers, made her a Valentine (you’re never too old), and took her out to dinner. But what really made it memorable was how much she enjoyed the restaurant I picked. She’s a picky eater, so I went out of my way to find someplace she’d like. Upon hearing her rave about it for days, even weeks afterwards, I knew I nailed it. The only hard part will be topping it this year!”
Mike L.

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