How to Recognize & Take a Compliment

howtorecognizecomplimentRecognizing a man’s compliment could be the first step you take in finding the man of your dreams. If a man goes out of his way to let you know you smell good, look good, are dressed well, or any other complimentary remark, it is safe to assume that he finds you interesting.

If, however, you dismiss a man’s compliment as a common courtesy, or are afraid to meet someone new, you could be closing yourself off to the start of what could be a wonderful life-long relationship. Contrary to what many women seem to believe, not every man who approaches you is a serial killer. The actual likelihood of someone being a serial killer is about 0.000001%, or one in a million. So relax. How do you know that the man you meet isn’t a stalker or potential murderer? Use your inner intuition, and truly listen to what the man is saying without fear. You’ll then be able to determine if you want to proceed forward (Check out our article, How to Interpret a Man’s Approach in 60 Seconds or Less).

Out of all the women in the world, if a man took the time to single you out and pay you a compliment, that alone should make you feel great. Please respect the fact that it likely took a great deal of courage for him to do this, even for a player or the most attractive man. No one likes to be rejected by the unknown reaction of the person approached. In fact, most players or ladies’ men won’t even approach you, they’ll wait for you to come to them. So if a man compliments you, accept it with a thank you, or better yet, if he has struck your eye, give him a compliment back if you are attracted to him. If he’s dressed nicely, smells good, or looks nice in general, just tell him.

This way, you’ll be telling him that you’re also interested. If, however, you aren’t sure if you’re interested, smile and make eye contact when saying thanks for the compliment. This will create a warm exchange, which can help you judge if the man complimenting you is the future man of your dreams or just another guy who won’t be able to satisfy you.

If the guy is completely not your type and you know beyond any doubt that you will never be interested in him, simply smile and say thanks. Adding a head nod should clue him in that you aren’t interested in the least. But try not to judge a book by its cover – physical attraction can often be deceiving.

Handling compliments poorly, denying them, or acting stuck up when receiving them could really send the wrong message. Being able to accept a compliment confidently and gracefully makes all the difference in how men react to you afterwards. Your reaction to the compliment is our first impression of you. Not every man you meet is going to be on a date where you are purposefully putting your best foot forward to impress. Most likely you’ll meet the man of your dreams just by chance, when he talks to you for the first time, usually with a compliment.

Need-Help-ad-3x2Whatever the situation, one thing not to do is act rude, unappreciative, or downright mean when a man pays you a compliment. As a guideline, always ask yourself how you would want to be treated if you were complimenting someone. Even if you are not interested in the least, you never know if the man of your dreams is standing near or watching from afar.

Another misstep to avoid is offering up a generic response in return, like, “I don’t know you”, or “How do I know you’re not some psycho stalker?” This shows a lack of credibility and genuineness, and that you don’t care to listen, which are huge turn offs. Also, not being able to accept a compliment without denying it first with statements like “No, you’re just saying that” shows that you lack confidence and self-worth. Even if you do lack confidence, never show it. Fake it til you make it or believe it. You’ll be surprised – he’ll never know, and you’ll laugh about it later.

Remember, having knowledge and being aware when actively engaging in your search for the man of your dreams can better prepare you to receive that wonderful relationship you desire. This will ensure you’ll be ready the next time your could-be-future-husband bumps into you in the grocery store and pays you a compliment.


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