Should Women Be Barefoot, Pregnant & in the Kitchen?

Have equal rights for women literally destroyed the balance in modern day relationships?

What is the difference between present day society and from our society 40 years ago? Why are there so many divorces, broken homes, and single parents today as opposed to yesterday? What is the one variable in today’s modern relationships that has changed from that period until now? Women.

Do women have too many choices like the proverbial Eve in the Garden of Eden. Have equal rights  gone to women’s heads? The one single factor that has drastically changed in dating and marriages over the past 40 years are women. Men are still the same, trudging along through life as they had before, to bring home the bacon (money) and take care of their families. On the other hand women have become more like men instead of the nurturing mothers and grandmothers they were years ago. Are women are confused? They do not know if they want to be bosses or mothers. You cannot serve two masters. Something has to suffer.

Are women in America are in conflict with themselves because they have been granted the opportunity to do whatever they desire?  Many choose to be like men and bring home the money. So if both parents are money hungry executives, who is raising the children and giving them the love, hugs and kisses they need? Unfortunately that chore is being delegated to the numerous  babysitting factories and television programs that are too advanced for even young adults to follow.

Where is the love of our mothers and grandmothers of yesterday? Was that love superficial because they were forced into their positions of home makers and house wives?


Many women do not want to or even know how to cook these days. There is no love in the fast food we eat. Remember the old saying, “You are what you eat?” If there is no love in the food we are growing up eating, how can there be love in us and in our hearts? It is something about that image of grandma making freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen that makes you smile and warms your heart. Not only did they taste good, but they left a lifetime impression. You could feel the love grandma put into her special batch.

Babysitters / Daycare

Putting your child in daycare is not the optimal way to input love into the hearts and minds of children. True, you have your exceptions to the rule, but modern daycare facilities are more about the money than it is about instilling love, and good values into the children. All you have to do is look at the results of today’s society compared to yesterday’s results and ask yourself as we build more jails, have we become a better society?

Honestly although I believe in equal opportunity for all, it should be considered that when women have the choice more have chosen to speak and act more like men. There can be no order in a home when you have two conflicting ruling parties with equal status.


Have you been to Facebook lately? Have you seen the vast numbers of ““““““““““ with their booties purposely pointed in the direction of the camera? What does it mean when a woman takes a picture for the general public and purposely points her butt towards the camera? Is she saying do you want to get to know my nice butt? Many of these women have kids, some on the photos right along with them. What kind of examples is she and the many other women setting for the younger generations of women that look up to them? I am not sure, but it is clearly a stretch from the examples set by women 40 years ago.

There are many issues we need to leave in the past, but there are also many values we should consider holding onto. We have to incorporate some basic desires and principals that we should stand by and keep or we are literally doomed as a society. We will have failed our children’s future.

Role Confusion

Why do women argue with men as if they are men? (Understanding What is The Proper Role of a Man in the Relationship) Why do women act tougher than men in the same positions of authority? A woman police officer, judge, or manager always seems to be tougher than her male counterparts in the same position. Does her desire to be someone she was not intended to be affect her maternal nature? Are these very conflicts creating more and more confusion in our society? This crisis has even resulted in more and more women dating each other. Or is it that this is what some women desired to do all along?

It is easy to blame a man, or perhaps a bad experience with a man, as a reason for a woman dating another woman. Maybe this is what they had desired to do and now found a nice scapegoat to blame for their actions. We have witnessed some strange decisions that have been openly made by women over the past 40 years. Is this not consistent with the choice made by Eve in a garden that was perfect? Perfect was not good enough for this woman.

Raising Children

Can women have their cake and eat it too? Can women truly have successful careers and produce healthy, happy children without supplying the necessary motherly love? Is a mother’s love for a couple hours a day during the week enough love for a child? Can somebody else raising our children give them enough love to become healthy, productive, human beings? Although more women are in the workforce, it seems that we have neglected our children as a trade off. Men are still doing what they have always done. The only real change is that women are no longer doing what they use to do. Women are taking on new roles, so who is replacing the mother of yesterday? Daycare and TV?

A woman from another country told me, “America is a country made for women. It caters to women and is a woman’s dream.”

As a result of a woman being able to make her own choices you can clearly see what is on her mind if her mind is allowed to wander. It appears that although some desire to be mothers, it is not on their high priority list. Many are now waiting later and later in life to have children. They also do not necessarily want to even raise their own children. Many kids are now attended to by nannies or daycare facilities.

So let’s look at the choices women have made over the past 40 years that differ greatly from their past counterparts: Many women choose to dress half naked but do not want to be harassed or disrespected. Women act like and compete with men on the job for the same positions but want to be treated like ladies other times when it is convenient. So many women wonder why they are single and cannot find a man. (Understanding Why You Are Beautiful and Still Single) Maybe they need to take a vacation to another country so that they can be reminded of how women of yesterday treated and supported their men with love and respect.

Does total freedom of choice corrupt women’s minds and put them in conflict with their inner selves and the natural role of men? Having freedom of choice put Eve into conflict with the Creator and Adam. It’s food for thought.

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  1. Great article!

    • This was an absilute waste of space on the internet and a terrible article. I will never be a mother, I’m a career woman, earn big bucks, I own many properties and I’m not here to serve men. Now bring me my fucking wine and stop bitching yo stupid man! No, seriously.. I know this article is just to take the piss, but maybe just take up another hobby, nobody can be that bored..

      • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

        hi Susan, you are quite funny. Although the article at first appears to be sexiest, the real concern is the current and future mental health of our children and society in general. If mother’s and father’s are not raising the children because they are both chasing the material things of this world, then the question becomes who is? You also appear to only to be looking at the subject on a surface level, but there is much more at stake. The very people who could harm you and others tomorrow are the very people being raised without their parents and by Television, radio, music, movies, video games, etc, and they all have a violent theme to them. So, without either what has traditionally been mommy raising the kids, the future of our society, your properties and your way of life will become more and more at risk. Open your eyes and look beyond yourself. Matthew 13:14-16

  2. With all due respect, I find the information sexist and not relevant to the cultural changes and challenges that we experience today.

    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      @Rhonda, we respect your opinion, but respectfully disagree with it. The article poses a thought? Could this change in relationships between men and women have significant baring on the success of our families. Our family structures and values have declined significantly over the past 40 years. Thank you for your response.

  3. athiest bob says:

    well this is bullshit.

    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      @Bob, We respectfully disagree with your response.

    • I was tempted to do a more in-depth criticism of this article, but frankly; you’re completely right. This is bull… and it’s common knowledge that it’s bull…

      Unfortunately it’s popular bull…, largely built up around the bizarre idea that marriage is a zero-sum game; i.e. only one person can win/get what they want/be in charge.

      If two adults have a marriage where they don’t know how to cooperate as equals, then they need therapy. I’m not saying that’s always *easy,* but it’s key to mutual respect & healthy families.

      • Jared Kennedy says:

        Kent thank you for your response. It’s very simple in the fact that it takes five members of a basketball team, each knowing and understanding his/her perspective roles, to play in harmony as one to win a championship. Yes all positions are equally important but some are more dominant in their position than others depending on the player. And like any good coach he has to adjust his game plan to the talent within his fold. In relationships men and women often have different roles and responsibilities for obvious reasons. No matter how equal you think you are, a man will never naturally carry a baby in his stomach and he will never be a mother. Thank you.

  4. Can’t tell if trolling or serious. Freedom of speech is awesome, but you’re still a terrible person. <3

  5. OzLoveCoach says:

    What a horrifying patriarchal ignorant bunch of regressive rubbish. What woman in her right mind would choose to go backwards and lose her hard won rights.

    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      @OzLoveCoach, we are not suggesting women to lose their rights or to go totally back in time, but we are simply pointing out how women being more independent over the past 40 years has affected the family structure. Unfortunately are children and communities are suffering. Yes women have achieve great heights in the business and professional world, but our most really happy? Thank you for your response.

  6. I think you bring up an interesting subject. However, to complain about what is wanting to throw back to past, traditional roles is not the way to go. We are in a constant state of evolution. Watching the overall trends may be comforting.

    The way that I see it is that the path of how we are evolving is coming full circle. The traditions of the past worked to some extent for over 200 years given the scenarios we were living. Women needed the protection of the status quo in order to assure their place in society as mothers providing the support for their families. However, over time, both men and women found those roles to be far too limiting and constricting for the other forms of expression that wanted to happen through us. Women were at a financial disadvantage without men. Men and women found themselves forced into roles that did not always fit who they actually were.

    With the women’s lib movement, men and women both have taken the opportunity to discover their inner opposite sex aspects — we all have masculine and feminine within us. Of course, as with any new exploration, the swing of the pendulum has taken us to the edges of what this could be. Rather than denouncing this exploration, it is more helpful to embrace the lessons learned as this is part of the process of evolutionary explorations and expansion.

    I believe that now, that pendulum is swing more towards center. At this time we are re-embracing our inner same sex identity at a new and more empowered level. Both sexes seem to have created more choices for themselves outside of the box, exploring a more authentic expression of themselves, rather than by traditional wrote, which includes enhanced aspects of each role.

    Stop complaining and embrace the process. Now we have the luxury of truly being and exploring how we want to authentically create ourselves, stepping out of the box and writing our own story the way we want to. Sure there are always pitfalls along the way. I think it is a wonderful unfolding and flowering and I can’t wait to see where we take this next!

    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      @Shama, at what expense? We definitely believe in exploring our options and finding our true selves, when you are single and have no responsibilities. Otherwise we find it to be a selfish act and irresponsible when your thoughts and liberties do not consider the children and their future. Our society has not gotten better it has gotten worse, more wars, more disease and deception, more corruption, more laws, more control and less freedoms than ever before. When are we as responsible human beings going to say enough is enough? Thank you for your response.


    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      @Lilithe, we are sorry the truth hurts, but we are here to expose potential problems and conflicts that break families apart instead of bringing them together. So we respectfully disagree with your response and comment and find it to be a perfect example of how outwardly disrespectful women have become over the past 40 years.
      Please read “Women have the Power to help Men become Better”, under our attraction tab. You have all the power, and by your use of language it is obvious that you may not understand. Thank you.

  8. An interesting article Deb. Perhaps it is the pendulumn effect? What tends to happen is that if a particular idea or notion is stuck way out on the left then rather than swinging in to the centre as it should be to balance, it swings to the opposite extreme.

    Another area in which this seems to have happened in the last few years is materialism. Here people have swung from being ultra-material to deeply spiritual (to the point of giving up all material things) and indeed believing that materialism is “bad”.

    Perhaps it is felt that the swing must go far the other-way to ensure that the change lasts?

    Curiously, I wrote an article for guys to reclaim their “god-hood”

    Wiser souls understand that it is about masculine and feminine energy rather than man and woman. Thus we have a mix of both in us and some leaning one way than the other.

    It’s an evolutionary movement that will balance itself out in time. In my humble view 🙂


  9. I wonder who gave you the idea that people, let alone women, have “total freedom of choice”. Do you really think they are choosing to do the things they do? Interesting. You say “men do what they have always done” and that you see the changes to women’s lives as the reason for all the problems do to with raising children, public nudity, lack of nice cookies etc. But did those men choose to do what they have always done? If so, why? And where is this “other country” you mention where women treat men with love and respect? I’d recommend you visit another country I know of where men treat women with love and respect – even when they have forgotten how to cook!

    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      @Ros, the other country is Brazil for starters. The only real factor that has changed over the past forty years in America is that more women work outside of the home and in general have become more independent and as a result there is clearly less love and more confusion in our homes, among our children and the world in general. Thank you for your response.

  10. Hi – I stumbled across this while doing a search for the term, “Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen”. I both agree with and support the contents of this article. You politely provided “food for thought” for others on an obviously “touchy” subject for some as seen from most of the other replies. Your article is clear and truthful.

    The Bible clearly provides direction for the role of man and woman, husband and wife according to God’s word. Sadly, our world and environment is out-of-touch with God and His Word; we are surrounded in a society that is crumbling in its sinful lust for power. Its people have become blind to the word of God (as predicted in His holy word). We need to pray and witness to as many as we can, for The Lord Jesus Christ himself said in Revelations 22:20, Surely, I come quickly”.

  11. I was just considering the phrase “Women should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen,” after reading Lección de cocina (an excerpt from the novel Álbum de familia by Rosario Castellanos) and decided to Google the phrase. This was the second result that came up, and I’m surprised I was able to read through the whole article (honestly, I had to stop and take a few breathers to keep my blood from boiling).

    The author of this article posed a lot of interesting questions, though has left out a lot more relevant and important information. Furthermore, “GH,” the author, has under her wing a number of articles on this site which seem to contradict each other. “Should Women Talk Trash During Sex?” “Hell yes! Believe it or not, the woman is in control…” begins her response (kind of strange for someone who was bagging on the earlier commenter for calling this article “BULLSHIT”). “Is Race Still Relevant in the Dating World?” “No, race is no longer relevant, and if you think race is a significant issue you are living with primitive thinking.” Primitive thinking. So, GH, do you support primitive thinking are you against it?

    What it comes down to is that the author seems to believe that there are very strict gender roles that need to be filled in a family for it to be “successful.” Unfortunately for her, that means that all woman should stay at home, cook, clean, reproduce, and support their husbands without question. So if you have dreams of having a job, or perhaps don’t want to have children (a concept that GH did not even mention), I guess you’re out of luck. In fact, us women should not even go to school. Why do we need to learn sciences and math when the only things we really need to know are cook, clean, and take care of our families, am I right?

    Furthermore, why would a family situation ever arise where both the man and woman want to work? Could it be because of financial needs as we move through hard economic times? Of course not! Obviously the woman does not care about her children at all if she works, you silly goose. And if a woman is working, then the man doesn’t have someone to dominate! Because a working woman CANNOT be a valuable partner in life, you know.

    As far as cooking, every woman in the history of women up to this point has been an excellent cook, didn’t you know! There has never once been a man who desired to cook dinner for his family, or in that case has ever needed to with his handy dandy wife around the house! But alas, now that women are out of the house, there’s no dinner waiting on the table when the man gets home. I guess if men were in a situation where they had to cook for survival, they would just all die off, the poor things.

    Although I agree with the author on her ideas of day cares (they are businesses out to make money, not love your child), she mentioned a recurring theme at the end of the section about childcare. “Honestly although I believe in equal opportunity for all, it should be considered that when women have the choice more have chosen to speak and act more like men. There can be no order in a home when you have two conflicting ruling parties with equal status.” What is “speaking and acting like men” exactly? If I say that I have a desire to have an education, and a successful career, is that manly? Remember, life goals that don’t include creating the perfect sandwich and raising the perfect children are probably goals that are too “manly” for us poor womenfolk. And what is this other thing at the end of the quote there? “Two conflicting ruling parties with equal status.” Huh. Generally, in a PARTNERSHIP forged from LOVE and based on RESPECT for one another would not have “ruling parties,” but rather two equals who can work together. TEAMWORK. WOO. But girls, trust me, that is wrong. There needs to be a subservient person in these relationships. Has to be. And it needs to be the woman. Why? Because she is the woman. That’s why. Yup.

    And have you seen the way women are dressing these days? Those butts and boobies hanging out everywhere. When a woman shows some cleavage, or her butt, or legs, she is definitely doing it to invite all the men to come on over. It is completely immoral to be proud of your body and what you’ve got, so you should cover it at all costs. I hear JC Penney is having a sale on turtlenecks. While we’re at it, we should probably start bringing back that style of covering our hair, hands and feet. Those parts of us are way to beautiful to be flaunting about to the public, you know.

    Ah, yes, role confusion. When we are born as either women or men, we are born into a mold that can’t be broken. It’s made of tungsten for men, and for women it’s a mold made of sugar. But we’re such feeble creatures that we could NEVER break that mold. Our place is to serve. We must not have conflicting thoughts with men. Arguing with a man is not acceptable. Why do we act tougher when in a position of the same authority as a man? Is it because we have to prove that we are equally capable of doing a job while constantly being subjected to misogyny? Nope, we’re just acting tough because we’ve forgotten that we’re women. Our maternal nature is all we had when we were born. From the ages of two, all we have ever wanted for ourselves is to have babies and babies and more babies! It’s a crying shame that all of these women who were born and intended to be mothers from the very start decided they wanted to work and be valuable to society instead. And yes, in case you were wondering, lesbians have not existed until now. And they like women because they think all men are evil and useless, as do women who are not homemakers. So if you want to work, you are probably a lesbian too.

    And yes, now we come to the root of the problem. Raising children. Now that women are working, the children aren’t getting the love they deserve. When your children are at school, you should be at home. Cleaning and cooking. In fact, have you considered pulling your daughters out of school completely? They don’t need to be learning that stuff in there. Someday they will be cleaning and cooking just like you. You can do a better job of teaching them that than a school can. And the men. They’re doing what they’ve always done. God forbid that a man ever want to stay at home and raise a child (though the author claims in several other articles that a father’s love is equally as important as a mother’s love). However, because men are men, they are capable of working and loving their children. Women, not so much.

    And women not wanting to have kids! What’s up with that! I mean, I think at about the age of twenty, every woman should begin the life long cycle of pushing out babies. These women who are waiting until after they have found personal meaning in their life are ridiculous. Every woman’s only true meaning in life is to have children.

    To recap, women who dress half naked don’t want to be harassed or disrespected. The way you dress has nothing to do with how it makes you feel, but everything to do with how you are perceived by others. If you show your stomach, or your cleavage, you are obviously, without a doubt a whore or a prostitute who is paid for sexual favors.

    For a woman who seems so intent on expressing Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve, your idea that we should travel to another country where women are still “women” is comical. Most countries where women raise children and are homemakers without question are not necessarily Christian nations. There is no religious basis for why they do what they do there. Your only argument (Adam and Eve) has no basis there. The fact is that the women are plain oppressed. Also, if we are barefoot, and pregnant, and in the kitchen, how do you suppose that we should get to this other country? And we could never leave without our husbands to escort us. But he is doing what he was born to do – work.

    I’m gonna say it. This whole article is completely misogynistic and based off of STEREOTYPES.

    And, woman who wrote this, if you had no freedom of choice, you probably wouldn’t have even been able to write this article. You’re a hypocrite and you don’t even realize it. I hope that someday you’re allowed out of the house to see that there is whole world filled with people who respect a woman who doesn’t want to stick to traditional gender roles.

    And while you’re raising your children to never have any hopes or dreams outside the home (unless they are boys), I will be working, attending school, in a happy EQUAL relationship, and generally enjoying life without children. Scandalous, I know.

    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      Thank you for your in depth response. Wow you had a lot to say and very funny at certain points. Let me first explain that 98% of the articles written for are written by men. The only articles on our site written by women fall under the category entitled “You”. With that being said, the author (male) simply posed a question? He is not saying or ordering women to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but what he is asking all reader to consider are the results of our current society, especially here in the United States of America. I would like to pose a simple question to you; yes women have more freedoms in this country, but has American become a better more loving human beings? Let’s see we have been in a non-existent war for 8 years now…. ? Yes women have achieved more education and material possessions, etc., but the question remains has society become a better place as a result. Today you have kids shooting kids. It was not like that 20 years ago. We are not in any way saying that women have to be home, cooking and cleaning, but the simple reality is that a man will never be able to get pregnant and have children. So no matter what your opinion maybe you will never circumvent Mother Nature. Be responsible or not, go to work for 80 hours a week for what? Trust that if you are at work 80 hours your man will find the woman who is not and who is willing to cook, bathe and give him the attention he needs. Our goal is to help you understand what is inside the mind of a man, which you will never truly know, so you can not only find him but keep him. Thank you

  12. If you really think that marriages didn’t dissolve right, left, and center pre Women’s Movement, you haven’t looked at the stats. If you were rich you could divorce. Plenty of men and fewer women simply upped and left their spouses. Many more drank themselves into oblivion. If you think women didn’t work outside the home pre Women’s Movement you are still not looking at the stats, or only looking at the rich. Poor women worked out or brought in constantly to keep the family afloat.

    • Jared Kennedy says:

      Hi Cat, I appreciate you sharing your opinion. However, the difference between now and then is women now have the freedom to make their own choices. Thank you for sharing.

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