All Vaginas Are Not Sexually Pleasing to the Male Species as Assumed

The only way you will get this information out of a man is if you have seriously hurt his ego or made him extremely mad.

Despite what one may think, a man will become uninterested for this very reason. He will never tell you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. How do you know you if a man likes your Vagina? How do you know he does not? (How Do You Know If You Have the Vajajay?)

Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean it’s good, agreeable or likeable to the man you are seeing. Contrary to popular beliefs, women who are skinny have deeper vaginas than women who have big butts. It’s funny because you would think that it’s the other way around, the women with the big butts are the women with the deep canals, but in all actuality the women who are skinny have the deeper canals.

So a lot of men chase the women with the big butts. Perhaps it’s because there’s less ground to cover. There is a bottom. If a man can’t find the bottom of the canal, then that’s a bit of a problem and makes the experience uninviting. He will gladly refer you to the guy who is more suited to go deeper.

“Hey Charlie, I met this woman. She’s really deep, I want you to meet her.”

Have you ever heard a woman say? “This is not going to work.” It’s either one of two reasons: It’s either too big or too small. Have you ever heard a man say? “This is not going to work.” Even though we may realize at the point of insertion and one stroke later that, “this is not going to work”. We are going to still try immediate solutions by adjusting the angles or positioning, and if all else fails its sex toy time. And consequently you’ll never hear us say, “It’s not going to work.” Instead, you’ll just notice that we’ll disappear. The key here is we are not going to stop in the middle of what we are doing. We can’t stop, because our penises are on full blast, because our penises are in full control at this point, and we are the observers. We ourselves are having a conversation with our penis, saying, “Man you know this isn’t going to work. “Penis says, “Shut up and sit down!” And afterwards when we regain control of our penises again, we will come to the same conclusion and our penises will agree, “This is not going to work.” Usually, it’s not going to work because the vagina is too big or has a bad smell. These are the main reasons that come to mind, too big, too wide, too loose, no bottom. It’s like sticking your penis in the middle of a Big Gulp! You never feel the sides or the bottom of the cup. It’s like open space. A vagina that’s too small is usually OK and can be worked out on our behalf, but the woman may not like it at first or be able to deal with the initial pain to open her up to the diameter and depth needed. Usually, after a few sessions, women seem to adjust pretty quickly.

Need-Help-ad-3x2As we observe in amazement, it will almost be like there was never an issue of her being too small. That’s the power of the vagina. A man can never truly out do or out pump a well lubricated vagina, impossible, as a woman can never control a man’s penis. In fact, a man can’t even control his own penis. A penis has a mind of its own at a certain point in time. Usually from just prior to insertion, the penis is in full control and the man is observing. Contrary to what men think, in the end the vagina always wins. It’s elastic.

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  1. This is idiotic!
    There is no medical facts or information to prove this.
    Not all skinny women have deeper canals. If you look up medical information you’d know that that is based genetics, not if they are skinny or have a big butt.

    This is written badly and full of misinformation and seems to come from someone who is angry or bitter

    • How To Get The Man Of Your Dreams says:

      @April, where do you think facts come from? They come from experience. No experiment or study is ever 100% conclusive. A medical doctor who has studied for years is still practicing medicine. Thank you for your response.

  2. Nope. April is right. This is pure trash in every way.

  3. This is funny. I hope you aren’t serious, but this makes a great joke article.

  4. Henar Menéndez Santana says:

    this is ridiculous. Stop filling the internet with misleading information.
    If you have a penis complex go to a psicologist, stop trying to spread your hate

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