Is Race Still Relevant in the Dating World?

No, race is no longer relevant, and if you think race is a significant issue you are living with primitive thinking. The reason race is no longer relevant is because now that many of us have dated across the racial divide, we can see for ourselves what the true differences are as opposed to what someone else has decided.

The issues that are very relevant can be as simple as, are you neat or is he messy? Does he like to watch sports and you do not? More complex issues matter more, such as if you want children and he does not; if you value family and friends and he does not; or are you well-traveled and he has no desire to travel outside of his state.

Let’s take a look and understand how and why race is no longer relevant. If allowed to be an issue, race can really be a hindrance not only to you finding and keeping the man of your dreams, but can be toxic to society and our positive evolution.

The race or color barrier was always more about fear than it ever was about love. Anything driven by fear will not give you the accurate and true thoughts of people. More people will choose to be left alone, and remain lonely, than have the courage to go against society in search of true love. Yet secretly behind the closed doors of their minds, if more people during our earlier times had had the courage to stand up, the results would have been no different than what you see today.

People in general are scared to go against the grain, but at the same time they are naturally curious. Now, thanks to many brave people from our past, we have a chance in this present day to look at the real issues between the many varied races of people on planet Earth and find true love, even if it is out your own back door. More options create more opportunities and possibilities to find and keep the man of your dreams.

The most important common feeling that can be witnessed in our society today, whether you are rich or poor, is that everyone seeks and desires to be loved.  If you observe closely, you can see everybody from two homeless people holding hands and kissing, to the very super rich doing the same thing. One is just doing it on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and the other is perhaps on skid row in downtown Los Angeles. Once we remove the fear factor, let’s see what really matters for the future man of your dreams. Whether you are curious about the topic or not, we want to present you with points that are true and relevant to you finding and keeping the man of your dreams.

Family and Friends

The fear of the unknown prejudice of family and friends can be your single greatest challenge and hindrance to finding and keeping the man of your dreams if he is of another race. It has nothing to do with whether you are physically or mentally compatible with the potential man of your dreams. It is unfortunate that due to many of these prejudices and pressures, many women have limited themselves to choosing from a very small, select group of men all based upon the often misplaced fears of others. When you limit yourself, you limit your thinking, and thus limit your true growth and development as a living soul within a human body. Living without limitations and prejudices will put you that much closer to truly finding happiness and finding and keeping the man of your dreams. Why be lonely when you don’t have to be? Live and be loved always is our motto. A pet knows not color but loves you just the same.

You Are What You Eat

Food can be very different and vary from race to race. Although you may not have been exposed to many different cultural food groups, in America remedying this should be a quick and easy learning experience. The most important point of any relationship is that if one person loves the other you must find common ground to eat, and share in each other’s experiences. But drastic differences in diets can be very challenging. When one person eats meat and the other one does not, it will often make it a bit of a challenge to find a place to go for a bite to eat that suits both parties. With a little patience and planning even this obstacle can be overcome.

Educated or Not

He reads and you don’t. You read and he does not. Obviously the person who is reading is going to grow exponentially. If he reads to you or you read to him and then discuss what is being read, there is a chance to grow together. If not, he or she is going to outgrow the other, because one person is constantly improving himself or herself with knowledge, and exercising brain muscles. You can take two people from two different races and have them read the same set of books and they will share that much more in common. You can take two people from the same race and have one read a set of books, and the other not read any books at all. The people from the same race will eventually grow in different directions because they are not sharing the same knowledge and information.

It is no different from when a man or woman cheats. They grow apart because they are not participating in each other’s actions. The end result has nothing to do with race and everything to do with what you are reading or not reading for your growth and development as a human being. Remember, if you don’t use it you lose it.  How many times have you heard people who try to go back to school after a 10 year absence, say, “It’s so hard?” It’s hard because they have not been continuously exercising their brain muscles and using their minds in a studious way. If both partners don’t read, eventually the couple and their interests could grow in very different directions which would have absolutely nothing to do with race.


The same race of people can have several variations of beliefs. Many religious wars of our past were fought among people of the same race. The Pilgrims and the Quakers fled to the New World, America, in search of religious freedom. This was all happening within the same European race of people. True spiritual energy and enlightenment transcend race, color and creed. The differences in beliefs have nothing to do with race but the divisions within our own minds and belief systems, usually handed down, without much thought, from our grandparents to our parents to us. Many of us have accepted our perspective faiths without doing our own research and determining our own personal beliefs.


Ineffective communication can be the frustration and death of any relationship. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. It is good to observe and realize a person’s ability to communicate effectively or not before you enter into a relationship. These character traits whether positive or negative, will usually remained unchanged throughout the life of the relationship, because they are habits that have been developed over the course of one’s life. Many would not be able to change even if it meant saving their own lives, much less a relationship. Whether male or female, white, black, brown or yellow, some people are simply not good communicators and listeners.  Race matters not.

Others can be found to be excellent communicators and listeners and they don’t even speak the same language fluently. The most important point is to know yourself and what you can live with and bear because the situation is not going to change without taking drastic measures. It is up to each individual and has nothing to do with race but only one’s choices.

Sexual Energy

Are you horny and he is not?  Some women are horny all the time and others are very iffy and off and on about their sexual energy. A female friend of mine thought that every woman was into sex but recently found out that this was quite not the case. Unless he unfortunately has a penis that is dysfunctional, we can guarantee you that there is a 98% chance that the man of your dreams is not interested in the woman who is iffy when it comes to sex.

The man of your dreams does not want to guess if he is having sex with his woman that night. The only time you should not be giving it up it, is during your menstrual cycle. If you are too tired to spark sexual activity, out of the thoughtfulness and goodness of your heart, you should read our article: The 7 Different Positions to Sleep in That Will Excite the Man of Your Dreams.  Desired sexual energy and whether you are a match have absolutely nothing to do with race, but rather with one’s own personal chemistry.

Culture: City Girl, Country Boy

The culture of a people can be so different that their behavior can almost seems rude to an observer who is not from their culture or used to their everyday way of life. In actuality it is just how they act on a daily basis. It is how they were raised by their parents on the farm or surrounding communities. It does not make it wrong; it just makes it different from what you may be used to.

Some people say, “Hi,” and normally greet strangers with a smile. Others do not smile or even make eye contact with strangers. These can be major issues when you do not know better. They have little to do with race and more to do with the cultural and geographical locations in which a person was raised. These differences can be so drastic that if they go unrecognized they can cause major rifts and the biggest misunderstandings, not only in your relationship, but with your immediate family, and society at large.

Finances and Money Management

Rich or poor, money management can be a huge issue that has nothing or little to do with race. Do you like to spend money all the time? Does he? Either you do or don’t. Do you like to invest in or buy products which you can then sell and make money? If so, you have more of an investment mentality as opposed to a consumer mentality. Money has no color or loyalty. It is simply a matter of choice – who’s choice? It’s your choice. Money comes and goes through everyone’s hands. Your spending habits have nothing to do with race, depending more perhaps on what you have seen on local TV, in magazines, or on internet advertisements.

It is true that some people may have access to large amounts of wealth. As a consequence they may naturally spend more because they have more. All things being equal, whether you like to shop and spend money has nothing to do with whether you are white, red, brown, black or yellow. Money management and how you are classified, whether rich, poor, or middle class, are more identifiers of financial status than what race you are from. These days there are some pretty rich people in every race around the world.

Why are some women thrifty while others are not?  The answer has nothing to do with color or race. It is simply a matter of choice.  So now that you know that race is truly not an issue, open your heart and mind and go find the man of your dreams.

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