Understanding How to Speak to the Man Of Your Dreams 101; Yes, Sir; No, Sir

Here are the dos and don’ts of speaking to the man of your dreams.

To all ladies, especially those of you who never had a class on speaking to the man of your dreams or perhaps never had a positive male role model while growing up, please listen carefully: Understanding how to speak to the man of your dreams (MOYD) will make or break your relationship. It will be the difference from your man always complimenting you to the extreme of constantly insulting you. Your goal should be to get all the compliments you can. You will need them for your relationship’s rainy days.

Not knowing how to talk to the man of your dreams, especially in critical moments of high tension, will destroy the foundation of your relationship without you knowing it. This is how men think. Little may be said, but your comments will be duly noted.

On shows like “Jerry Springer” or “The Maury Povich Show,” women display the absolutely wrong way to communicate with the men, whether of their dreams, or men they are having problems with. Notice how the women bob their heads, constantly running their mouth without listening. They constantly speak over their men pointing fingers in their faces. This is exactly what you do not want to do. It is not only disrespectful to your man but is clearly disrespectful to yourself. It makes you look like a stone cold fool. (Mathew 15:17-20)

Believe that every man who is watching with any common sense may find you quite amusing.  He may find also you physically attractive, but he’ll trust his subconscious which is saying, “I would never want a woman who runs her mouth like that in my life.”

No man desires or seeks a woman who cannot control her tongue. (1Peter 3:10) (James 3:5-8)  It is the ultimate disrespect and by the end of the day, you will either find yourself alone or your man will find refuge with another woman. The best response is to learn what is acceptable and not acceptable when speaking to the MOYD. Mastering this skill alone will put you so far ahead of all those unhappy women on “Jerry Springer” and “The Maury Povich Show” that their men will be trying to find you.

Some of the don’ts are listed below:

  1. Talking over a man
  2. Using profanity
  3. Not knowing when to stop talking; no self control
  4. Not truly listening, but always wanting to be heard
  5. Raising your voice, yelling, screaming

(1 Peter 3:1)

The scriptures seem to imply that God made man the head of women, mainly because women were easily deceived by their extreme emotional states. (1 Timothy 2:9-15) According to “The Lucifer Effect” by Phillip Zambardo, women have been found to have a stunning 100 percent blind obedience to authority. You do not have to agree but this ancient wisdom will work greatly in your favor with the MOYD. If you really want to separate yourself and soar above your competition, heed the wisdom given here, and you will win over the MOYD.

Being a great wife does not start when you get married. It starts in your mind now. Exterior beauty will only attract a man but it is inner beauty that will keep him in love with only you. Understanding how to speak to a man does not make you a weak woman. It makes you a woman who is using divine wisdom to keep her man and create a beautiful life and family. Isn’t that what you desire?

In modern day society sometimes a woman must lead the family and a man will better learn by her good example then he will even learn by listening to a mouthy woman. It is better to be silent if you have nothing positive to say rather than dig a hole that keeps getting deeper, destroying the foundations of your relationship.

Finding a good man is difficult. Find a great man who is honest and upfront is extremely difficult, so when you do find him never get too comfortable with a loose tongue, but guard your tongue and love and respect your man with all your heart. He in turn will cherish and respect you forever. Why? Because you are rare and special, and a breed of the past. You’re also the answer to making a relationship last. Lead by your example.

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