Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

Let’s talk about sex, baby! You’ve all heard the song “Let’s Talk about Sex” by Salt-n- Pepa, right? Well, let’s do. A dear lady friend of mine gave an excellent definition of  horniness.  She described horniness as the desire to merge spiritually with another. Your desire to feel and experience new energies is constant.  We often call this lust. However, our bodies are naturally, constantly creating energy. These energies carry feelings, emotions and life itself. When you feel what you believe to be lust or horniness, it is actually your body creating new energy, and this new energy wants to be released.  We see this naturally in our pets, e.g.,  “Hey China, get off of his leg.”  The desire of this release is often uncontrollable. When a person carries this uncontrollable energy and as it continues to grow without an avenue to release, it can often cause conflict within the body, causing a man or woman to do crazy things, make hasty decisions or masturbate. This can explain rape, molestation, hysteria and other dark forms of sexual energy (What Does it Mean Sexually when a Woman is Seen by Men as Being Hysterical?).

It says in that great book, the Bible, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them (Mathew 18:20).”  It is evident when you are having sex that feels good to a woman. She naturally calls for God, despite all rules and regulations.  Does not her natural outcry prove that God is present when two or more are gathered together?  Is it not further proof that when two or more are gathered together in a sexual act that not only is God present,  but other spirits are present as well, thus creating new life?  How many times were we instructed as children to never say the Lord’s name in vain? However, when a man and woman are having sex, I have never heard the Lord’s name called in vain so many times.  But maybe the Lord’s name is not being called in vain. Perhaps we subconsciously understand that God is present.  After all, not only have you called his name several times, a new birth is often sure to follow, which truly represents the miraculous workings of God’s hand and presence.

As it has been said many times before, each and every one of us is born with five fingers, five toes, two legs, two arms, a brain, a heart, etc. The human body is the most intricate computer system ever constructed, with its vast network of veins and muscles, and is truly a miracle-working wonder. It is amazing, and all of this results from one sexual encounter.  “Aww, isn’t she cute?”

On the deepest level sex is undeniably the purest form of communication between human beings. Sex goes all the way back to the basics from birth. No clothes, no names, no rules. It is an action based upon what is truly natural.

So the real question is, who turned sex into a bad act? Hippies had long hair, lots of love and lots of sex. They also did not use condoms, for the most part. There was no threat of STDs and all of the fears that our society faces today. There was more love, more people getting along and more people conscious of the wrongs our society perpetrated upon others. During the baby boom, did you ever hear of problems with STDs, AIDS, etc.? Everyone was having sex during the baby boom. So what happened?

The Department of Defense Appropriations Committee unanimously voted and passed House Bill 15090 on December 29, 1969, to fund and create a synthetic biological agent that did not yet exist and for which no natural immunity could be  acquired.  Forty-plus years later we have more disease, STDs and cancer than ever before. It was determined long ago by the powers that be in our Demo-cracy (Demon ruled) that this planet does not have enough resources to take care of the growing population, and therefore the population must be reduced. If you demolish (demo-lish) a building you tear it down as oppose to build it up right?

Wouldn’t it make more sense, instead of our government investing $10  million on synthetic biological agents, to follow the hippie’s ideas and invest in weapons of love, and education that teaches harmony among all people, which would in turn change fear-based thinking into a love-based ideology? Who planted the seed that sex is bad? Who encouraged Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler’s idol, to,  in 1913, create Planned Parenthood, which has killed more unborn children than Hitler killed Jews? ” Sanger became an advocate of eugenics and incoporated this philosohy into her own writings.  In fact, birth control became a means by which she hoped to exterminate the so-called ” genetically inferior” races.” (Source: The New America Gothic Planned Parenthood by FV Scott)

Is it sex that is the problem, or is it really certain individuals behind closed doors who abuse their powers to create fear-based propaganda and synthetic biological weapons of mass destruction? If you take out love or sex, the purest form of communication whether you are white, black, red, brown or yellow, and where you do not even have to speak the same language to know that it feels good and right, you are removing healing communication and the desire to learn about one another’s culture, according to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.”

We do not think about it much; however, the people in power do use sex all the time. Take arranged marriages, for example.  Why do you think a king from one nation marries off his daughter to the son of a king in another nation?  This is to ensure the binding of families and power, using all knowledge from the future, past and present to their advantage.

It is the only form of communication that transcends whatever language you speak. Is this not the reason for the same fear-based ideology that, in the past, caused  black men to be persecuted for even looking at a white woman?  Is it not the fear of men and women from different races uniting together that is the binding factor in perpetuating STDs on the masses?

Which benefits us more, more sex or more weapons of mass destruction?  The problem is really not sex. It is the  entities behind these fear-based ideologies, because whether or not anyone wants to admit it, everyone is doing the humpty-dumpty behind some closed door, married or not. The marriage statistics speak for themselves–more broken families, more broken homes, less love, less honesty and more fear.

Sex can be a very healing experience if the energy is used in the right way. But that which is healing can be destructive when you allow fear-based thinking to dominate your mind. Through your thinking, you often unknowingly attract and create the very scenarios that you fear.  An old friend described it as a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is unnatural to suppress your sexual energy.  It is more natural to be in tune with your body, nature and spirit and release the sexual energy at the appropriate moments, so that loving life energy can be created.

This is evident by watching nature. When it is time to do the sexual act, animals get with it in the most natural form. Everyone in the animal kingdom is fully aware of what is taking place. Are we really that much more intelligent than our dogs and cats? Why is it that animals do not have a problem with STDs? The common denominator of all of the destruction and hate in this world is man, and perhaps men and women that were never truly loved.

The choice is as simple as choosing between being a hippie or a war hero. We should focus  on becoming better, more loving people when we’re having sex with someone. When sex is a voluntary act among two people, God is present, and it is the purest form of communication, transcending this realm into the spiritual realm, resulting in the creation of life. With each new life a star is born.  In a few years, when you look upon the child you have created, you will ask yourself, where did this person come from that has its own mind, desires, thoughts and wills? Why would you want to stop an act that brings forth so much beauty to the world?  Thank you, Michael Jackson and all others who have shared their beautiful gifts with the world.

Disclosure: We do understand all of the various arguments about having responsible sex in the present day.  We are not condoning unsafe or irresponsible sex, but are we not most irresponsible by allowing our tax dollars to be spent on wars and weapons of mass destruction, when we could be spending billions of dollars on technology that enhances life for all mankind?

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby….

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