How to Know if You Are “Wifey” Material?

50 questions to determine if you are “wifey” material.

How does a man test a woman to see if she is the one? (Understanding How We Know You’re the One)

How a man chooses a girlfriend or even advances her up the food chain to the status of fiancé or “wifey” is based upon a series of inner character traits men seek, often unconsciously.  Below is a list of 50 character traits men use to choose the woman of their dreams.

Some qualities come naturally to some women and cannot be obtained or even learned; this makes these qualities extremely valuable and deserving of a maximum score.  These fine points often make the difference in choosing one woman over another.  The wise man considers whether or not the woman comes by these characteristics naturally. Although it is true that some qualities can be developed over time and with maturity, experience teaches a man to accept a woman for who she is right now and not who he hopes her to become later. (Learning the Art of Acceptance is the Key to a Successful Relationship)  He will see that either a woman has these qualities naturally within her, or not.  Even though everyone, if he or she has the desire, has the ability to evolve into a better person, a man can never force a woman to make a change in herself based only on his desire.  For a man, it is wiser to follow the golden rule and either accept a woman as she comes to him or leave her where he met her.

That said, rate yourself first, and then allow your man or perspective love interest to rate you.  Combine the two scores, divide by two and add up the points and see where you fall on the score chart.  Do not share your score with your man until he has finished the test.  Allow him to be open and honest.  Use the results as a positive way to improve yourself, thus improving your relationship.  See the score chart at the end of the article.

Give yourself from one to four points, four being the highest, on each quality listed below:

1. Honesty

2. Reliability

3. Good personal hygiene (What Does a Man Consider Proper Hygiene for the Woman He is Dating?)

4. Supportiveness

5. High sexual energy (Exciting Sex vs. Non-Exciting Sex)

6. Goal-driven

7. Desire to procreate

8. Good health and fitness

9. Spirituality

10. Creativity

11. Team player

12. Thriftiness

13. Drug-free

14. Patience

15. Self-control

16. Good education

17. Perseverance

18. Well-traveled

19. Good sense of humor

20. Good relationship with father

21. Affection

22. Good listening skills (The Art of Listening to the Man of Your Dreams; James 1:19)

23. No jealousy issues (Dating the Insecure Woman vs. Secure Woman)

24. Can you be happy by yourself

25. Virtuousness

26. Altruism

27. Good communication skills

28. Non-conformism

29. Unspoiled

30. Spontaneity

31. Consistency

32. Ability to work hard

33. Adventurousness

34. Trustworthiness

35. Inner beauty (What is the Secret to Always Remaining Beautiful in a Man’s Eyes?)

36. Would you tell your man if his best friend hit on you? (One for “no,” four for “yes”)

37. Table manners

38. Politeness

39. How often do you borrow things and not return them? (One for “always,” four for “never”)

40. How often do you tell somebody you are going to do something and then not do it? (One for “always,” four for “never”)

41. Willingness to compromise

42. Is it okay to lie sometimes? (One for “yes,” four for “no”)

43. Would you marry a man with kids? (One for “no,” four for “yes”)

44. Good money management

45. Not a shopaholic

46. Thankfulness

47. Uncomplaining

48. Ability to admit when wrong

49. Willingness to apologize

50. Ability to cook

member-deal-adx2Score chart

115 -130 points = 75-85 percent = Girlfriend material.  You still have some work to do.

130-145 points = 85-90 percent = Fiancée material.  Looking good

145-160 points = 90-100 percent = You are there girl, now close the deal!

160-200 points= You are or you are going to be some lucky man’s wife!

A truly good women never stays on the market long!

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