5 Essential Touches That Will Keep Your Man-Child In Check!

5 essential touches you need in your Relationship Tool Box to attract and keep the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD).

Learning how to touch your man is essential to your relationship’s success, growth and development.  Many women do not know how to touch a man.  Learning this skill is essential.  Touching is a skill that, for the most part, has been forgotten and replaced with shopping at the mall.

Most women just assume that because they are beautiful and smart, have a great body, know how to dress and have a great job that they have the full package men are looking for.  But they have no clue how to properly touch a man.  You can only be good at what you spend your time practicing.  What men truly desire is as simple as being touched the right way.  Unfortunately, women’s failure to understand this will lead men to naturally seek the attention of other women who have mastered this sought-after skill.  Ladies, this cannot be purchased with a credit card at the local shopping mall.  It can only come from within you.

This is often the first reason why men cheat (Understanding Why Men Cheat … And How You Can Prevent It).  Most men can be quite cowardly, afraid to hurt your feelings by telling you that you are lacking in some area of the relationship.  They would rather avoid an argument and remain silent.  Silence leads to an eventual separation.

Touch is obviously not just about sex, and it should not be something you do once a day.  It should be done by both parties throughout the day.  The five most-desired touches, according to our survey, are:

1. Hugs and kisses

2. Massage

3. Playful or tickling touch

4. Foreplay

5. Sexual touch

Hugs and Kisses

member-deal-product-ad(1)x2When you wake up with the MOYD, your first thought should be to kiss and hug him, even if he is asleep, and give thanks for having the MOYD.  These are the little things you often take for granted but that will carry your love through to eternity.  We guarantee that this one act, if practiced daily, will greatly improve and in some cases even heal a broken relationship.  Kisses and hugs are FREE, but will set the tone for the day and your relationship.  Oh, so you don’t believe us?  Try it for 30 days, and we guarantee it will bring you and your mate closer together and greater happiness.  Look at each hug and kiss like a bank deposit into your relationship savings account.  Each hug and kiss will be stored in the MOYD’s internal memory bank.  It will also show him that you are thinking about him first, even before your favorite pot of morning coffee.

It’s amazing that this one act costs you nothing, yet so many women and men fail to do it.  Practicing this one act every morning will greatly improve your relationship.  If you are not doing this, start now.  It’s FREE and can only be given from your heart.  This is what makes it so special.  Practicing giving a hug and a kiss daily will not only help you keep the MOYD, but it will help you constantly attract positive people.  The energy you put out leaves a blueprint that you cannot see but remains present at all times.  So practice, practice, practice and remember the old saying: “A hug and kiss a day will keep the relationship doctor away.”


A woman shows she has no clue how to touch a man when she massages one side of his body and leaves the other.  What?  Who does that? We know you may be a little guilty, but don’t be embarrassed.  We are here to help you fix the problem before it’s too late.

Knowing how to properly touch a man is a reflection of your past experience or lack thereof.  If you went and paid for a massage and they only did one half of your body, you would probably never return to that massage parlor and leave feeling very unbalanced.  A woman who unknowingly half-massages the MOYD will leave him feeling the same way: IRRITATED.  He will be screaming inside, “What about the other side of my body, and how come she does not know to do this?”  You’d best believe that Becky down the street and around the corner knows this most sought-after skill.  So you have the good job, but Becky has the skills of touch.  She is good because she has lots of practice and you do not.  Always remember the objective of any relationship is to have balance.

The probability of a man leaving or cheating on you with another woman will greatly increase if you fail to understand how to perfect the basic skills of touch.  Knowing how to touch a man is the equivalent of knowing how to speak to the MOYD (Understanding How to Speak to the Man Of Your Dreams 101; Yes, Sir; No, Sir), (The Five Magic Words the Man You’re Dating Secretly Wants You to Say)  They both carry equal weight and are essential tools you need for your relationship kit.  What’s even more interesting is that none of the reasons a man will leave or cheat on a woman cost her anything to learn.  They are all obtained by your desire to learn and improve yourself and your relationship with the MOYD.

Playful touch, e.g., tickling

Tickle your man; grab his booty in the bathroom or kitchen when he is washing the dishes.  Let him know you like it.  Your man does not have booty?  Okay, no excuses.  Get creative and pick another part of his body and grab it, rub it, or… you know what we mean.  Have fun touching him all day, every day.  If you do not naturally possess these skills, work on them every day by practicing.  He will love it and it will be a gold star added to your already-vast repertoire of skills in the art of touch.


“Play” is the key word.  Learn to play and have fun with the MOYD.  Put on something sexy, wrestle, tussle, bite, grab, run, get caught, throw a pillow, put up a good fight and then give in.  Act like a kid with an adult twist at the end.  Men love the chase.  Foreplay is not only an essential element to get you excited but to keep the MOYD excited about you– not about Becky down the street and around the corner.

Sexual touching

Not knowing how to sexually touch your man is a relationship deal breaker that will eventually lead to your man cheating and leaving the relationship altogether.  (Understanding Why Men Cheat … And How You Can Prevent It). When you were spending all of your valuable time shopping, your friend and competitor who was eyeing your man was practicing the art of touch.  The real skills to attract and keep the MOYD all come from within you.  If you had nothing, since you were born naked and without a name, you would still have everything you need to find and keep the MOYD.  How do you think Cavewoman Jane did it?  We repeat, 99 percent of everything you will ever need to find and keep the man of your dreams is already within you. Let us explain more.

Need-Help-ad-3x2Oral sex comes from within you (Oral Sex 101: What You Need to Know).  It is your tongue that must be used.  You unfortunately cannot borrow your friend’s tongue.  A hug and a kiss comes from within you.  A massage comes from within you.  Whether you’re attentive or not comes from within you, e.g.,  “Hey girl, I love those shoes,”  “Hey girl, your nails are so cute.”  It’s all your choice to notice, act and pay attention.  It all comes from within you.

If you know how to touch a man, he will literally buy the shoes for you–“What size did you say you were?”  Many women focus on the external without realizing it is what’s on the inside that will keep the MOYD coming back.  This is the true difference between wifey and the booty-call girl. (Are You “Wifey” Material?), (The One Problem with Being his Booty Call). The wifey obviously has it together for a man to want to commit to her for the rest of his life, giving up all other women.  Ninety-nine percent of all the wifey’s mojo and secrets to attract and keep the MOYD comes from within her.  So ladies, if you do not know how to sexually touch or interact with your man, learn–if you plan to keep him.

Men are simple.  We need food, water and to be touched in the right way–all day, every day.  If you understand this one basic principle–knowing how to touch the MOYD–you should have no problem attracting and keeping the MOYD.

Why do you think men go to strip clubs? (Why Men Love Strippers… And How You Can Use This Information to Improve Your Relationship) Because these women have mastered the illusion of knowing how to touch your man the way he desires to be touched.  It would not be too difficult for the stripper to temporarily or permanently steal your man, just by understanding how to touch him.  Men are attracted by what they see, but are kept in a relationship by basic skills like touch.  There was a woman I once dated who was not a very honest person, but because she knew how to touch, rub and bathe me, many of her transgressions were washed away, so do not be afraid to get freaky and let your hair down.

Remember, some women want everything but do not give anything, and when you practice not giving, you become and receive what you practice.

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