Perfect Love? President Barack vs First Lady Michelle Obama


Dear Simon,

Do you think the president’s and first lady’s love is real and that it is possible is to have true love under great stress?.

Kelly K.

Simon Says

Dear Kelly,

Have you seen our first lady lately? The White House must be treating her well because she is looking superb. We love our first lady Michelle Obama. It’s not just because she is the hottest first lady ever, it’s because she has her husband’s back. “Honey do you want me to scratch your back?” “Yes, baby.” Not only is she a mother of two who can keep her house in order, she is intelligent and can handle her business as our country’s first lady. Men love her because Michelle’s love for Barack is what all men want.

She is setting a beautiful example for all women to follow. You know the love in their eyes is real for each other. She is totally supportive. You can see it in their photos by the way they embrace and kiss each other on the highest level and under the utmost pressure of the entire world watching and on their back. We rejoice because we know and feel their love is real and genuine and not fake or phony based upon status.

We all know that Michelle connected with Barack when he was broke and driving a rust bucket with only an education and aspirations in hand. As men we are okay with this and feel this is fair because you can tell that their love existed long before he was a senator or president, perhaps going back to their first date for ice cream. He was an intern and she was his boss. Although Michelle and Barack overstepped their professional boundaries, timing is everything and sometimes, ladies, you just have to do what you feel is right. Since Michelle was Barack’s senior she had the control to say yes or no.

Ladies, I cannot stress how important it is to say yes at the right moment when a man desires that you say yes. That yes becomes sweet music to his ears and can carry his love for you through a lifetime. The momentum will forever be in your favor. The trick is knowing when to say yes. Knowing when to say yes is the equivalent of the perfect balance between day and night which creates our most beautiful sunsets. Our president looks as if he received the yes he needed at just the right time, a yes that has carried him all the way through to the White House, “Yes You Can.” You can see it in his eyes when he looks at or holds his wife, our first lady. In the same respect you also see the confidence in her eyes when she is being held or doing something as simple as fixing his tie.

We love the fact that Mrs. Obama is not afraid to be a powerful wife and woman who is not too proud to fix her man’s tie. It is one of those personal touches that only a woman can handle. I am sure that the Secret Service or the president’s wardrobe consultant could do it. It is just the fact that she takes the time to notice and does it herself that is so endearing. That one picture of Michelle fixing her man’s tie says it all for us men. We love her faithfulness and attentiveness to her man, our president. It is these little, fine points that a woman does that add up to why we love Michelle Obama so much.

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