How Does A Man Become A Player On The Dating Scene?

Young man in suitThere would be many lonely nights, lying here in bed all alone, if I sat around waiting for one woman to call me back. It is simply not in a man’s best interest to just focus on one woman at a time when dating. Most of the time women do not keep their word, call when they say they will, or even return calls or texts. What are y’all doing out there? You complain about being single, but finding and keeping the Man of your Dreams begins with keeping your word and being responsible for what you do and say when meeting a man.

I’m sorry, but women are some of the best liars on planet Earth and have thus helped to create the player in men. Shocked?  You probably never looked at it that way, did you?

So this is what happens:  You are approached by a potential candidate at the post office, and you give him your phone number. He asks when is the best time to reach you, and you give some lame answer like “I don’t know” or “Call whenever you like.” He says “okay” and walks away a little dazed, because your answer was really vague. So he goes home, excited about meeting you, and calls you later that evening. He gets an answering machine with no voice mail. He then thinks to send you a text message and gets no response. At this point, he does not even know if he has the right number. Gee, thanks. But thinking positively, he says to himself that you are probably just busy and that he will try again tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and you still have not returned the call or text. As a general rule, you should be able to return a phone call/text message within 72 hours of first meeting a man. If you cannot return or intend to return a call within the first 72 hours, just say no, and don’t give your number out. You are not ready to meet anyone new unless you have clearly explained that you will not be available until such-and-such time and date. So now, three days have passed and you have not returned one call or text message. If Jesus can die and rise from the dead in three days, you think you might be able to return a call or text? (Luke 24:1-53)  He is now getting disappointed and pretty much chalked you up to the birds. So by the time you do call, he has met several women who now all seem to call on the same day, as if there is a full moon out tonight. As men, we are like, “Wow! What to do?”  Strange as it may seem, women all seem to get horny about the same time of the month, and all of a sudden, the regular man has his hands full and has to learn how to manage crowd control. Now, the regular man who was only looking for one good woman all of a sudden has many options to choose from, and his ego begins to grow as he realizes he can attract multiple women at the same time. And this is how a regular man becomes a player.

member-deal-product-ad(1)x2If women knew what they wanted from the beginning, made a decision using your intuition and other tools such as sight, touch, smell, feel and sound, not only would you have the momentum, (Understanding The Principle Of Momentum In A Relationship) but most men would not be players, but happy and satisfied.

So here is how not to contribute to the ever-growing player population:

1    Do not give your number to a man if you do not plan to return his calls or text messages within 48 hours.

2    Do not make promises you do not plan to keep.

3    Do not overbook or double-book your schedule, like many airlines do.

4    Be straightforward and upfront, letting your “yes” be a “yes” and your “no,” “no.”

5    Do not break plans at the last minute simply because you got what you consider to be a better offer.

6    Have a solid set of principles you stick to no matter what, or else you will be all over the place and miss the opportunity with the Man of your Dreams. Remember, just when you broke your date was the same day he met Suzy Q at the grocery store. Now he has two options when before he was only focused on you.

7    Always be respectful and considerate of his time.

Need-Help-ad-3x28    Always consider treating him the way you would like to be treated. Be that example you desire (Women have the Power to Help Men Become Better).

9    Realize you have an equal amount of responsibility in creating the player in men.

Always remember that each disappointment he receives tears at his foundation and you are thus helping the regular man become the player. How? Because he is tired of being lied to, hurt, rejected and stood up by your compadres, and he realizes that were he to wait on that one woman, he would be quite a lonely man. The only way to protect himself is to go fishing. Believe it or not, somewhere in our masculine structure, we have feelings, too.




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