Understanding How Men Really Feel About The Infamous One-Night Stand?

belästigungHave you ever had a one-night stand?

Okay, are you ready to go inside the minds of men? A one-night stand, as defined by Urban Dictionary.com, is “hooking up with someone for one night of sex with no strings attached and hoping to never see them again. It is important not to exchange any personal info with them so they can’t track you down and stalk you later.”

I don’t know about hoping to never see her again, because if the sex was good, most guys will want to see you again and again, unless… to be continued.

Here is what a one-night stand looks like from a man’s point of view. How this goes depends which one of these two scenarios applies: Was it a one night-stand where you never saw the guy again, or was it one that led to you getting pregnant? Scary.

So you’re out at the club looking hot, and you meet James. You two have one too many drinks and decide to go to your place and get it on. Now I must ask, what were your intentions when you slipped into that super-sexy dress? Was it for all eyes on you, or were you just planning on attracting a candidate to have sex with?

Whatever your reason may have been, remember that most men will do anything once if the woman is attractive enough, or if they have had too many drinks. (6 Reasons Why Men Dislike Women with Fake Hair, Fake Boobs, Butt Pads, Bra Pads or Too Much Make Up) So you go home with James, who you just met a couple of hours ago, and have amazing sex, breakfast in bed the next morning and he leaves smiling in the early afternoon. Later in the day after the stupor wears off, perhaps you give him a call to see what he is doing for the evening. He will either be turned on because he wants to go for round two and his wife or girlfriend is still out of town for the weekend, or he will be turned off, and here are the possible reasons:

1. He just cheated on his wife or girlfriend with you.

2. He does not know you

3. He was not that attracted to you in the first place and just wanted a quickie

4. It was an accident that was not supposed to happen.

5. He is worried that you may be unclean and do this on a regular basis. Although it was a fun evening, most guys would label you a ho, and hos do not usually get prime time. A very sticky situation to say the least. “How do I explain to her that I feel like I just had sex with the neighborhood ho?”

6. He was drunk and was not thinking clearly.

7. It was supposed to be a secret.

8. He has a guilty conscience based on conflicting moral values. Yes, you didn’t know this, but men can get really deep, especially when the woman they love is being threatened by an act of their own stupidity. How many times have you heard: “We just had sex one time…that’s it. I cannot be the father; it’s impossible.” Yes, life’s impossible, and amazing acts of nature are often mind-boggling to unsuspecting members of the male population.

Bikini JeansSo if you have been in this first scenario, do not expect too much from him. There is always the occasional exception to the rule, much like winning the lotto, where the guy just does not care if you’re a loose woman. But he will always keep it in the back of his mind for the appropriate moment when you need to be reminded: “If you were that easy with me, I can only imagine what you might do in the future if the opportunity presented itself” (Proverbs 25:28).

The second scenario: You get pregnant. This is definitely a nightmare for a man who just had a one-night stand with you, the unknown woman; he will be scared out of his mind, simply because this was not in his plans. “Ah, let’s see, I am going to the club with the fellas tonight to meet a hot lady, hopefully take her home, have awesome sex, then tell the fellas all about it later.” The condom breaking and your getting pregnant is not in his thought process. This scenario especially terrifies a man because he knows that women today can be pretty ruthless and unreasonable, and usually, the type of woman who would have a one-night stand is one who will do anything to get what she wants.

To a man, a one-night stand can be summed up as a purely physical act. But once he is sober, he thinks, “Uh-oh, what did I get myself into? What’s the problem with this woman?”

We won’t start thinking of all the particulars until you tell us you’re pregnant and we see our whole life flash before our eyes, a life that includes you and not the girl we are with and whom we love. Now we love and appreciate her more simply for not being like you. Strange twist of fate, isn’t it? In fact, now he wishes he never met you and of course, rightfully so, you are p#!aed beyond all recognition. Because you are now in this pregnancy by yourself, with no man and in a no-win situation. He does not want to have anything to do with you, simply because he does not know you and possibly has another relationship, nor does he know your reputation, and no man wants to have a baby by a woman who is considered a ho in the neighborhood. How embarrassing is that? This is the way men truly think about the one-night stand. Yeah, men will smile and laugh in your face, never tell you the truth, but let that condom break and you get pregnant. Trust me, you will be slapped with the hardcore truth.

I am sorry to be so brutally honest with you, but it is better to know now than suffer later. A man’s biggest fear is having a baby by a girl who is considered a ho. Men love to have sex with hos, but do not in general want to make happy families with them. Most men choose the woman who is not a ho to marry and bring home to Mama on Christmas Day. (The Truth About Double Standards and Dating) It is a taboo that is real, and men in general do not want to bring loose women around their friends unless you are bringing more friends who are as sexually promiscuous as you are.

Something to consider is that most men who have one-night stands do not have them sober. So the fact that he has to get his courage up through drinking could signify that there could be potentially bigger problems in his life. So although you two found solace in each other’s company for the evening, in his mind that’s all it will likely ever be. So when you tell him you’re pregnant, just hearing those words sends his already fragile stability crashing down. Any man can pretend to be Prince Charming for an evening, but when the clock strikes 12, he turns back to his original self, much like Cinderella.

Wait, I know what you are thinking: “You put it on him.” He will be back for more. My question to

you is, once again, what is your objective? If you want to be used as a sex object, so be it. But if you want a solid relationship, please consider how most men will truly think and feel. So much for the one-night stand.


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  1. “5. He is worried that you may be unclean and do this on a regular basis.” This is incredibly sexist. As if I would want to date a “man” who has one night stands on a regular basis. Let alone one night stands in general. The accidental once off when completely smashed and single? Fine if that’s what makes you happy. However this is not a quality I would find attractive in a man at all. I’m only 21 and I know better than to date someone who doesn’t appreciate knowing a person prior to sticking it into them as if they are just something fun to do then toss out later. It’s a shame our society is so caught up in disposing people in this manner. Honestly I would think the man is a complete ho, who is superficial and lacking depth if he does it. Men are not studs for sleeping around. Why does this only slut shame women and not people in general? What a hypocrite to label a woman the “neighbourhood ho” when he has done the exact same thing to that very person. Disgusting hypocritical article.

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