Understanding the Top 18 Reasons A Man Will Not Cheat On The Woman of His Dreams

Nice FamilyLet’s define not cheating as a man looking at and appreciating the beauty of other women, but not having sexual intercourse with anyone but the one he is in a relationship with. What are the top 18 reasons that keep these men from cheating? Do you know what they are?  Before you start reading, see if you can name off five. At the end, please share with us how you did.

  1. His relationship with God (Matthew 22:37).
  2. Love for himself (Matthew 22: 39).
  3. You’re perfect. He truly loves you; you are a great person; you are the woman of his dreams. You have just about everything a man could ask for in a lady. When a man is thanking your parents for making you and telling them how much he appreciates the great job they did in raising you, you have arrived (Proverbs 18:22).
  4. He does not want to lose you. He is really into you and does not ever want another man to have the same joy that he receives from being with you. A friend once told me about his relationship at the time. He said, “I just could not imagine being without her or losing her to another man.” Tough position to be in if you ask me, because part of his relationship was being lived with FEAR, an acronym for “false evidence appearing real.” This is not good, because people are unpredictable and often through your fears, you attract the very outcome you do not desire. Instead, replace fear with acceptance and thankfulness–“God, thank you for this beautiful human being you have allowed to be in my life.”
  5. Your exterior beauty matches your inner beauty. In other words, not only are you gorgeous to look at, you are equally as gorgeous on the inside.
  6. You are great in bed. Your lovemaking skills and attentiveness are exceptional.
  7. You’re rich and famous. Unfortunately, many people in our society define their love by how rich or how famous a person may be or by what one can provide or purchase for another. Interestingly enough, that truly is some people’s definition of true love.
  8. You have a great job and credit, and he is using you for what you have and can provide. (5 Sure Ways to Know the Man You’re Dating is a User)
  9. You are a great cook. What man doesn’t love a great meal? The old saying, “A dog will always find his way home to a good meal” is true, even for those of us who don’t eat much.
  10. You are a faithful and honest woman. These two traits are hard to come by, even in people we think are the best. As men, we think we can trust a woman and later come to find out she’s as sneaky as all the rest, or even worse. The dating scene is so riddled with tricks and traps that a man who realizes you have these most sought-after traits may decide to turn in his player card just on these alone. Faithfulness and honesty are just that important.
  11. He does not want to lose what you have. Nowadays, two incomes make the house. One income can only pay rent. He cannot afford the extra expenses and toys without you, and you cannot afford your perks without him. So you become financially stuck with each other, and he knows if he goes outside of your relationship it could destroy all that you have accomplished.
  12. His belief system does not allow him to cheat. The way he was raised and the examples he learned from watching his parents, who perhaps have been married for over 40 years, do not allow him to rest well with infidelity or a failed relationship.
  13. Fear of catching an STD. Today, women are just a promiscuous as men, and I am sorry to say that women are actually sneakier and craftier than men will ever be at covering their tracks. Always remember what was once in the dark will always come to light. So if the woman he sleeps with outside of your relationship is also sleeping with other men, she catches an STD and gives it to him and he goes home and gives it to you, there is just no way out and no way to explain, especially if you are a faithful woman.
  14. Love for your family. Maybe he dislikes you but loves the kids. Unfortunately, many men stay faithful and in unhappy relationships just because they do not want to see the children hurt. (Understanding Why Men Stay in Unhappy Relationships)
  15. A man’s failed relationships are often the best teachers. Through his good and bad relationship experiences, he chooses the former.
  16. Excellent communication will prevent both men and women from cheating on each other. A lack of communication is often the culprit in many failed relationships, such as saying something you did not really mean because you were highly upset and emotional. We all get upset at one time or another and hopefully apologize later. I say “hopefully” because many do not see their own errors. Our high divorce rate is evidence that one or both parties are not listening. (The Art of Listening to the Man of Your Dreams (James 1:19))
  17. There is something about you that is amazingly different. It could be that you listen and are coachable. You may be affectionate, attentive and thoughtful. Or you just may be the most dynamic and daring woman he has ever met. Whatever it is, there is something about you that quenches his thirst on a hot summer day. (10 Dating Tips on How To Be Different From the Competition!)
  18. He is what we call whipped by the vajajay. (How Do You Know You Have the Bomb-Dot-Com Vajajay?) Being whipped is when a man physically feels so good inside of your vajajay that he is stuck on having sex with only you, the way he is stuck in rush-hour traffic on Los Angeles’ 405 and 101 freeway interchanges. In this case, he cannot go anywhere because there is no one he knows who feels better than you. What do you think about that?  Now that’s Vajajay power!

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