10 and ½ Signs That a Woman or Man Should Exit a Relationship!

coupleHere at HowToGetTheManofYourDreams.com (HTGTMOYD) we are all about bringing men and women together, but there are, on occasion, certain huge red flags that say, “I am just not ready to be in a mature and committed relationship!”  The sooner you learn to recognize these red flags, the less amount time you will spend with the wrong woman or man, and the more time you will have to find and keep that man or woman of your dreams.

Below are the top ten 10 ½ signs a woman or man should exit a relationship

For the Ladies 1st:

10.   When entering the bathroom, you are repelled by a negative force.

9.     He casts the “other girl” as the lover in the film.

8.     His parents have apparently gone to see a psychic about you and as a result they are now telling you what to do with your life.

7.     His mother dresses sexier than you and has naked photos of herself hanging throughout the house.

6.  He has never had a job and is financially dependent on his family.

5.  He is still in significant contact with all ex-girlfriends, texting them multiple times a day.

4.  Your dad says he is gay and someone who he claims is “like” a best friend slaps him on the butt.

3.He comes to your window and throws rocks HARD at the window trying to get your attention, pissing off your landlord!

2.  He wrote a poem for his ex, but gives it to you. If he gives you poetry or anything else that was bought or created for someone else, exit stage right – he lacks class! (Sweet 16 Signs Your Man Has Class and Maturity)

1. Your best friend hates him… eek!


  1. He asks you to get married and then denies it later.
  2. You gain an incredible amount of weight for protection.
  3. You only run into each other when you’re depressed, when temptation is so strong that although you know you should not have sex, you do.
  4. He dresses you like his ex-girlfriends – or wait like his mom!
  5. If he spends your money to the point that you wake up and find that you’re broke and getting evicted.
  6. His scent is just a little off.

For the Men:

10. Mean, critical mouth.  Need I say more than that the root of all evil is not money but her tongue? (James 3: 1-12)

9. Can’t keep her word: every time you’re supposed to meet her, she throws you a last-minute curve ball

8. A lack of cleanliness! If toilet stains, smelly towels, and bathtub rings meet you every time you visit her bathroom, it probably won’t get better. (What Does A Man Consider Proper Hygiene for a Woman He Is Dating?)

7. You notice that she’s two-faced: a gossiper who is always up in someone else’s business and always has something negative to say about another person can’t be trusted.

6. She has no personal goals for advancement and is simply looking for a man to take care of her. …. “Why didn’t you just say that in the beginning, honey?”

5.  She treats you like she’s a police sergeant and you’re a suspect. As Kylan, who has 45 years on the planet, states, he cannot stand when every conversation is a cross-examination. Forty-five minutes of nosy questions, any man is going to be ready to go – out of that woman’s sight.

4. She expects you to read her mind and then blames you when you can’t.

3. She gloats over all the negative things your mother has to say about you. You want someone who’s on your side

2. She doesn’t support you in your goals and dreams – or doesn’t even take the time to know what they are!

1. She is a social media whore, always posting pictures on Facebook, often with her butt pointed towards the camera.

½.  You’re embarrassed to bring her home to meet your parents. Face it: if you don’t want your folks to meet her, she might just be a “jump off girl” – potential for a casual short-term fling only. (The One Problem With Being His Booty Call) And last but not least she cannot tell the truth to save her own life.  Amen and N

Well, there you have it.  I know our mothers and fathers fought and walked 50 miles in the snow with no shoes on – but there might come a point in your relationship when you have to be honest with yourself and simply get out. Even though it may be hard, when you line up your thoughts with positive thinking and true love in your heart and soul, there will always be somebody waiting who is just perfect for you if you keep a positive attitude and outlook.  King Solomon said it best in Proverbs 25:24: “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.”

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