14 Reasons Why Men Go From Being Crazy About You To Cannot Standing The Ground You Walk On

Conflict between man and woman standing on either side of a doorMost married men or men in long term or even semi long term (3 years or less) relationships have this problem. What happened? What is it about you or perhaps themselves that has changed their view of the picturesque landscape that once existed?

Most men either end up tolerating you to just flat out not liking you at times. (10 Tips How To Keep Your Relationship Out of the Tolerance Zone) And how physically beautiful you are or not has little to do with his feelings about you and will not save you in the end. (Understanding the Big 9 Reasons Men cheat on Beautiful Women) The best and hottest outfit may delay the inevitable breakup momentarily, but unless you look within yourself and beyond a quick fix the relationship is bound to fail. In fact some of the most exteriorly beautiful women of the world are the loneliest and some of the least physically attractive are the happiest and can keep a man excited about them for many years. What is it about these two dichotomies that bring the opposite results? Let’s go inside the mind of a man and see:

Following are 14 reasons why men go from being crazy about you to not standing the ground you walk on.

1. You don’t listen! True communication is imperative and listening believe it or not is a major part of communicating. (The Art of Listening to the Man of Your Dreams (James 1:19))

2. You “know it all,” but actually have very little to no relationship experience.

3. You never look at yourself as the problem and you never apologize for mistakes you’ve made- because in your mind, you never make any. “Your Perfect!”

4. You contribute nothing to his inspiration. “She inspires me none”. You remember the old saying behind every great man there is an even greater woman.” So if your man is not great or inspired, look at yourself.

5. You are a drain, mentally, physically, financially and contribute nothing to the relationship.

6. You are unappreciative. This is a huge mistake that many women make, and it works the same as if a woman does not feel appreciated, it’s the beginning of the end of the relationship. (Women Have the Power to Help Men Become Better) The key to success is to know your role as a woman and if you know and understand his role all you have to do is fill in the blanks. (Understanding What the Proper Role of a Man in a Relationship?)

7. You are not a team player. Many women who are not team players have never played a team sport, go sign up for the local softball team, so you can learn the basics in what it means to work together as a team. Only teams that work together win championships. (The Five Magic Words the Man You’re Dating Secretly Wants to Say)(The True Meaning of Relationship Teamwork)

8. You are a flat out evil human being, and only think about yourself, SELFISH, and never do anything to work on becoming a better person. Only God can save you.

9. You’re a bad mother. Many women use the children as weapons when the man can no longer stand to be with her, often blaming the kids, instead of looking into herself for the answers. (Understanding the Abusive Behavior of Despicable Moms)

10. You have no idea how to take care of the MOYD. (How To Care of the Man You’re Dating 101) You never kiss him, or give him a massage, bath,  or oral sex, and you have no idea how to make love… Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true that there are many women who are beautiful on the outside but have absolutely no skill in the bedroom.  Spice it up-why not watch an adult film with your man to discover some of the things that excite him? (Oral Sex 101:What You Need to Know) (Why Men Love Strippers…And How You Can Use this Information to Improve Your Relationship) and (5 Essential Touches That Will Keep Your Man-Child In Check!)

11. You have no goals, dreams or desires and are secretly jealous because he has a life perhaps outside of you, but you don’t have a life outside of him.  You are at home with an attitude mad because you feel like his nanny and maid. Give me a break and save the pity party; you have way too much time on your hands. My suggestion for you to strengthen your self-worth by discovering  what your passion is.  Why did you come to the planet? Take a class, join a reading group, don’t be afraid, get to know yourself.

12. You and your man’s views on life are so far apart that he even has more in common with his enemies! Do his friends not like you because they think you’re bad news, that your spirit is filled with negativity? Perhaps this is unhappiness you have about yourself that you are pouring out onto your man.  It’s time for “Selfie”, and I am not talking about a personal photo session.

13. You are unequally yoked. Perhaps you are not a clean and organized person or perhaps you are OCD, too clean and organized. That can make sharing space stressful. (How Important Is It to Be Equally Yoked In a Relationship & Share Equal Values?)

14. Something is always wrong with you. You don’t smile, and your good acting job has run its course, and all that”s left is that broken woman who was always there hiding behind the mask of makeup, fake hair, fake boobs..etc, (What is the Most Lethal Weapon You Have to Attract and Keep the MOYD?) (6 Reasons Why Men Dislike Women with Fake Hair, Fake Boobs, Butt Pads or Too Much Makeup)  Is that the reason you were single in the first place?  If you cannot stand to be alone with yourself, it’s a good bet no one else will be able to stand it either.  Take a walk outside and try to find something to appreciate so that he can appreciate you in turn.

When you add all of these things up, the sum isn’t attractive or even pleasant!  Just because you’ve already been sleeping with a man for a few years does not mean you can stop tending to your relationship.  It will become a wasted, overgrown garden.  Many of the 14 signs reasons listed are why many of you have never been able to attract the Man of Your Dreams ( MOYD) and when you are able to attract him you are certainly not able to keep him for any length of time, and consequently he ends up not being able to stand the ground you walk on. (14 Reasons Why You are still Single)

Don’t let yourself go from man to man, claiming victimhood, when you could have solved the problems you’ve participated in and help to create.  You must be a person who can look at yourself and into yourself.  A young man will fall for your damsel in distress cry, but an older wiser man will wonder what is it about you that has caused you to be in such distress, and perhaps driven others away from you as you look for a shoulder to lay your problems on.  (Dating the Older Man) (Dating the Younger Man) A good woman is never single long, even if she has 3 or more kids.(How Do Single Men Feel about Dating Women with Children?)  What does that say about you?

As men we are not your daddies, we did not birth you into the world and certainly did not cut your umbilical cord. Just because we had sex or even had a child together does not mean that he is to take care of you for the rest of your life. (Having Sex Is Not An Equal Exchange of Energy for a Date) You were on this planet 38 years before he met you, so accept it he has nothing to do with your miserable state of thinking and although he could potentially be your savior, no one can be saved who does not first want to save themselves. Not even Jesus himself has the power to overcome your will.

What are your goals? What are your dreams? Do you have any? Or did you spend 38 years of your life having a good time and now want some poor soul to take care of you. There are no free lunches, both will suffer. ( Why the Concept of “Free” Does not Exists In a Successful Relationship) It’s not his fault that you are bored, not a good hearted person and a so-so mother. Take the challenge and look into yourself.  Relationships are between two people and so is the responsibility for their frustrations. If he is frustrated in the relationship you have something to do with it whether you want to admit it or not, it’s not all his fault and the fact that you think it is shows that your lack of immaturity and that you lack the ability to see clearly your own errors that are often clouded by your own ego, arrogance and pride. Any man with good common sense will grow weary of you and will eventually look for a way out by either cheating on you like a dog or because he consciously or even subconsciously knows you are not the woman of his dreams, but an imposter. He is truly thinking how do I get rid of this woman? Have you ever had this problem, does it sound anywhere remotely familiar? If so, it’s just time for a little soul searching.

What have you got to lose? Only a broken heart, shattered ego and lack of confidence. Even if these problems have sounded remotely familiar, all is not lost: believe it or not you are now you ready to be the woman of his dreams. Eating some humble pie with two scoops of Haagen dazs vanilla ice cream is often the key to creating a successful relationship with the MOYD. Listen carefully to the 14 reasons that have been listed and then devote yourself to, first, an honest conversation with yourself and second, an honest conversation with your significant other. You’ll feel cleaner, stronger, and ready to find potential solutions.



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