Equal Treatment In A Relationship: Starts With Equal Pay

businesspeople holding piggybanks.It is a contradiction to demand equal rights and equal pay in society when you are not willing to spend your hard earned money equally like a man. “Suzy, I got a raise today, and now I make more money than most of the men I have dated …” The only right concerning equality between men and women that seems to be stuck in the past is in dating department. Ladies you cannot have it both ways, it is either equal treatment or equal pay or vice versa.

Ladies, if you’re not willing to contribute equally in the financial realm of a relationship, then don’t expect to be treated equally. It doesn’t make sense to me how a woman can think that because she is dating a man, or because a man asks her out on a date, she is entitled to free parking, dinner, lunch, plane tickets, etc without contributing half or even leaving a tip. Can’t you ladies see that from the very beginning of the relationship it’s a trap? The man is already setting you up as unequal!

You’ve heard the saying that there are no free lunches in life. (Why the Concept of “Free” Does Not Exist in a Successful Relationship)  This means that if you are getting something without exchanging money, you are still giving up something. In this case, it is the time it takes you to read this article. But think about it in terms of a dating relationship: he purchased you for a chicken dinner, or an expensive seafood dinner, or whatever your price maybe. Please understand how a man thinks. If a man spends his money on you, he wants something in return. I know you’re sitting there laughing with your friends…” girl Michael took me out and he spent all this money on me.”  But the last laugh will be on you! When he invites you out on a date, he wants something in return for his hard earned money. What do you think he wants at the end of a date? A handshake? His intent was always to get between your legs – even if he thinks you’re the woman of his dreams. And once you relinquish your equality, it is an uphill battle to get it back.

How you begin is how you end. If you want respect, set the example of the respect you want from the very beginning (Women Have the Power to Help Men Become Better). Or else what would be the difference between you and the modern day prostitute?

At least a prostitute is upfront about what she wants (Why Men Love Strippers…And How You Can Use This Information to Improve Your Relationship). Therefore, the prostitute always has the advantage over the man. If the man were to ever fall in love with her the only thing she has to say is, well, you knew I was a prostitute when you met me. So the man has no one to blame but himself if his feelings get hurt since she was honest upfront.

On the other hand, many women are essentially prostituting themselves out for a chicken dinner, seafood dinner, sushi, Gucci Bags or whatever material product the man can use to get her physical attention. So when women allow men to buy them dinner and lunches and other material goods without ever doing the same, they relinquish their human equality. They will not be equal spiritually, physically, or mentally. Do you not see that? Your intent when you go on this date is to be treated, to receive, to get “something for nothing.”  You feel entitled because you were wearing a nice pair of jeans and he noticed.  Isn’t that what prostitutes are doing, standing on the corner trying to attract the attention of a future business prospect?

surprised girl talking on mobile phoneHow can you be equal when you’re using the attraction of your body parts for payments? If you want to be treated equally, ladies, you have to stop being so cheap. Only go on dates that you would be willing to pay for yourself. When you go on them, pay half – or at least offer, honestly.

If you’re not willing to pay half then do not go, because you have the wrong intent. The man’s intent is to get something, just like your intent is to be taken to dinner. Maybe this makes you angry. Well, you can even the playing field by neutralizing the man’s advantage: consciously or subconsciously, he gave you something; therefore, you owe him something. Whether it be him or the next man, at some point you are going to pay somebody. It is the inescapable natural law of “cause and effect” or more popularly known as it’s oriental name “Karma”. “Every cause has its effect. Every effect has its cause, everything happens according to the Law. Chance is but a name for the Law not recognized. There are many planes of causation , but none escape this Law”.  The only way a man is going to think you don’t owe him anything is when you’re paying for yourself. Cause and Effect. If you want true equality then you truly have to be willing to open your pocket book and pay for it just like a man does. That is the only way you will ever truly be an equal in a man’s eyes.

Everything has its cost. That nice house you live in costs something? That nice car your drive costs something? It just burns me up how I hear women brag about how they don’t ever pay when going on a date, not knowing that they are hurting and dishonoring themselves.

It’s about to get hot up in here because you’re about to drink a cup of truth! Three years into the relationship you’re pissed because you’re not being treated the way you want. I wonder why? He doesn’t take me out like he used to! He doesn’t do the things like he used to when we were just meeting! After he has had sex with you numerous times is when trouble will come. The spell has now worn off and now reality hits home like a drunken sailor lost at sea. Guess what ladies? He’s tired of you!! Tired of spending his money on you because you thought the gravy train would never end. You now suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually from your own reheated crap! And now you wonder why he’s cheating on you? (Understanding the 9 Big Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women) When you truly sit down and think about it, it’s almost laughable.

He’s cheating on you because he’s tired of spending money on you and dealing with the same old attitude. It’s always fun in the beginning, but unless a relationship is equal, it will have a short-term expiration date. Are you the one who always wants to receive and never the one who wants to give? Giving up your vajajay is not an equal exchange (Having Sex Is Not An Equal Exchange of Energy for a Date) (All Vaginas Are Not Pleasing to the Male Species as Assumed). It gets boring and soon enough he will find something more interesting to entertain his desires, usually in the form of another woman (Understanding Why Men Cheat and How You Can Prevent It).

Ladies, do you not yet understand that when you are so proud of not taking money out of your purse, you actually hurt yourself, and greatly lessen your opportunity of reaching the long term and equal treatment you desire in a relationship? Why? Understand how a man thinks. He’s feeling undervalued. He’s feeling like he’s a bank account to you. Now that you realize that his interest in you has grown less and less and that the relationship is nearing its end, you go to the gym, start working out since you gained 30 pounds, you go out and buy new clothes and start hitting the scene looking good. But wait a minute; you forgot the most important thing…to change your mentality. I think you may get the point by now.

If you ever just can’t understand why a relationship has ended, just put the shoe on the other foot and be honest with yourself.  Cause and Effect!

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