How Men View Women Who Embody Masculine Sexual Energy?

Girl and WhipLadies, herein is the mindset of most men and how they view women who are particularly promiscuous in an untamed fashion. Sure, a man may love to have sex with women who have untamed sexual energy, but we do not want a woman of this nature for our long-term mate.

Let’s say David just recently broke up with Sue and has had sex with two women since their breakup. However, Sue has had sex with four new men. So why would most men now consider Sue undesirable for a mate and or mother of his kids? Because it seems that Sue has no control over her sexual energy. And does he want to be the laughing joke at the holiday party? “Sue has got her another victim… LOL!” Now he’s imagining that any man he’s about to shake hands with could be another man that Sue’s had sex with. “There she goes again; Sue just can’t keep those legs closed, been there done that.”(Why Some Women Cannot Keep their Legs Closed?)

You might be wondering what the difference between a woman who simply enjoys sex and one whose sexuality is unrestrained. I have personally noticed that a woman who sleeps with a lot of men often takes on the energy and personality traits of the men she has had sex with (the one exception being an Alpha female, although even an Alpha female will eventually take on the energy of a more dominant Alpha male) (Do You have what it takes to Date and Alpha Male?). Let me give you an example: Sue, who is normally in tip top physical condition with a beautiful figure, started dating a man who was a little overweight and also liked his women with a little extra meat on their bones. So Sue starts eating more to accommodate her new man, packing on a little extra padding around her stomach. Perhaps perfect for that man or for her acting debut in that new movie role, but not really who Sue was as a person. Her overeating was simply due to her interaction with her new man and what he found attractive. When I brought this to Sue’s attention years after, she claimed she did not even remember, but it was a true story.

When a woman has sex with a man, she is the receiver of his energy and personality. If you are dating a lazy man, some of those bad habits will rub off on you, and if you are dating a very busy and aggressive man who is in shape and a hard worker, you will have to keep up or get left behind. That simply means your personality will have to take on more of his traits in order to keep up in the relationship. Now, if you are a highly sexual human being who has sex with just about every man you meet, then you will receive a hodgepodge of their many personalities.

A woman’s promiscuous vibration will not only attract men who are looking for a one-night stand but will also deter men who are interested in a long term commitment (Understanding How Men really feel about the Infamous one Night Stand). The places you frequent will match those vibrations: nightclubs and bars for NSA (NO STRINGS ATTACHED), sex, and museums, churches, and art openings for commitment. (The Best Places to Meet and Attract the Man of Your Dreams)

Fear of the phoneYou might be wondering what’s so bad about having enjoyable sex with a lot of men. Well, once you finally meet a man who is interested in a long-term commitment, what will happen when he discovers that you have had sex with more men than you can count? He will more than likely say to himself, “Whoa, hold on one minute, please, RED FLAG.” And how true that “Red Flag” really will be, because most men’s minds will be jumping to the idea that you can’t can keep your legs closed, which consequently means you are a potential cheater and not marriage material. What man in his right mind wants that headache? (Understanding Are You “Wifey” Material?)

Consequently, as a result of your promiscuity, in order to attract a true mate you will have to reinvent yourself by putting some distance between the new you and your past reputation. A man needs to see that you have matured and that you now have your high sexual energy in check, directing it only toward your future husband, no longer to Mr. Right Now. Time will be the only true determinant in a man’s eyes that your behavior has truly changed toward commitment to one person. When you can say truthfully that you are separated from your past by a minimum one to two year period, a man can understand that you have changed. When you’re asked, “So how many men have you had sex with?” you can mumble “40 or 50, but that was in my past.” If by “past” you mean “last month,” you will be moved into the bootie call category; however, if a couple of years have gone by and you have your sexual energy in check, you now have a chance to keep him interested in you.

I am sorry ladies that men can have sex with several women and view the very same actions by a woman as being whorish. (The Truth about Double Standards in Dating). Yes it is unfair and a double standard but it is a real thought in most men’s minds. A man who has sex with several women is even more empowered than if he had sex with none. Even most women are not interested in men who have no sexual experience. In this position he will still be able to attract the woman of his dreams. However if a woman has sex with a several men the risks are much greater that most men would label her a whore and would not want to be in a serious relationship. So at the end of the day it’s your choice. I am just presenting the facts of how most men truly think and feel. I have watched women in this position for many years and either they end up single for a very long time or somehow the timing is always off, meaning the guy she wanted to be in a relationship with does not want to be in a relationship with her and the man she really does not want to be in a relationship with wants her but she does not want him. (Dating & the Desperate 3o’s) Honestly if she knew what she wanted from the beginning and stayed focus, she would have achieved her goal and would be living happily ever after with her man and children as opposed to always being out looking for a good time in all the wrong places hoping to find some man to love her. Continuously repeating the same mistakes only to get the same results is the definition of – Insanity. (The One Problem with Being his Booty Call) Ladies men are simple; we simply want what other men cannot have and that includes you.

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