What Makes a Man Think a Woman Will Never Cheat on Him?

Infidelidad y engao en la pareja.If you’re getting involved with a man who has been cheated on in the past, you’re unfortunately going to have to clean up another woman’s mess. You’re going to have to work extra hard to make your partner feel like he can trust you and that you’ll always be faithful. But honestly, even if the man you’re dating has never been cheated on, we live in a society where most men are a bit paranoid: they have to be to protect themselves. So, how can you make a man trust you and believe you will never cheat on him? Here are some ways.

Be honest, even when it’s hard

If you want a man to feel safe and comfortable with you in the long run, you may have to do something that is uncomfortable right now: be honest, even when it’s hard. If you always say yes to your man, or tell him exactly what he wants to hear, he’ll think he can’t trust you. Look: he knows you don’t actually agree with everything he says, so if you pretend to, he won’t trust you. And men will bait you. A man might ask you if you think he should do something that he knows is a bad idea, just to see what you say. He wants to know that you’ll be honest with him, even when it’s hard, because that shows you care about him deeply. You care enough to disagree in a respectful way of course. If a man can see that you can be honest when it’s hard to be, that tells him one more thing: you won’t lie just to take the easy way out. And then he’ll trust you more.

Don’t keep secrets from others

A man can tell how honest you’ll be with him by how honest you are with others. If you’re constantly keeping secrets from other people in your life (like sneaking out of work early without telling your boss or borrowing a friend’s car without telling him), then your partner will believe you can keep secrets from him, too. “You low dog dirty dog”.  And as soon as a man knows you have no problem keeping secrets, the first thing his brain jumps to is cheating.

Keep male friends around

(As a general note: Only call a male your friend, only if he is really just your friend only. Meaning if you have sex with this male, in a man’s eyes he is not just a friend and you need to disclose this information to your man.) But, if you truly have male friends which is rare for a woman, introduce them to your partner! Hang out with them around your partner. Show him that you don’t mind being around other men in front of him because you completely trust your own actions, and you know you behave appropriately. Honestly if you are really taking care of your man, you will not have a lot of time to hang out with male friends once you’re in a relationship. (How To Take Care of the Man You’re Dating 101) On the flip side, if you never talk about having hung out with a male friend or two, your partner will think it’s because you’re hiding your past.

Put a lot of trust in him

Usually people who are very trusting of others are that way because they themselves are trustworthy. The reverse is true, too: people who are very suspicious of others might be that way because they know they have something to hide. How you treat others is a reflection of who you are and what you’re doing. If you put a lot of trust in your partner and demonstrate it by not acting bothered and possessive when he hangs out with her female friends alone, remains friends with an old high school ex, goes to Las Vegas on a boys weekend … he will feel like he can put trust in you. But if you’re controlling and jealous, your partner will immediately wonder, “Is she accusing me of cheating because she is cheating? And she wants to take my attention away from that?” Its very true that the one who is always pointing the figure is usually up to something themselves.

Leave your phone, laptop and other devices out in the open

If you really have nothing to hide, then you should have no problem leaving your laptop out and open when you go run an errand, go to bed and your partner is home alone with it. In fact your past words should not even be a secret. You should have no trouble not having a lock on your phone, and leaving it with your partner while you’re in the shower. If you leave your devices out in the open around your partner, he’ll really feel like you would never cheat on him. A woman who cheats would never leave those things around because she never knows when a text from the other man might pop up.

Be in touch a lot

Make a point of calling and texting your partner frequently. Even if you have to be in meetings for eight hours at a time, text him under the table or call him when you go to the bathroom. If you regularly go MIA for more than four hours at a time, your partner is going to think something is up. With today’s technology, we can pretty much all be connected all of the time. Make use of that.

You might think it’s a lot of work to make a man trust you, especially when you know you wouldn’t cheat. But you may not realize that your partner is probably doing little things to help you trust him, too. You should both be willing to put in the work so that both of you can feel secure and create a long lasting healthy and happy relationship.

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