The Power of a Woman’s Sexual Energy

Every time a man is interested in having sex with a woman is an opportunity for that lady to become the woman of his dreams!

So his goal is to have sex with you, and your goal is to find the man of your dreams. Can these goals come together? Well, it depends on what you do next: your very own actions will determine how he defines you to himself. Now, if he met you at a club where you had on a super short, hot, sexy dress and high heels, you have put yourself behind the eight ball because 98% of his thoughts will be focused on a one-night stand or simply how fast he can get between those pretty legs of yours. But all is not lost, even in this situation. This is the time to reverse directions and slow all the way down to a halt. (When to Have Sex with the Man You’re Dating?) It will be challenging, to say the least, to keep him calm and attentive. He’s going to be concentrating on that racy picture you painted that night at the club and as far as he is concerned, he can hear about the other details — like who you really are — later. Yes, that’s pretty much how the average man’s mind will process the information you planted into his subconscious mind: Club + Super Sexy Short Dress + Heels + Drinks + Attention from You = SEX with this Hot Chick! Yes just like in the movies! Men for the most part are really that simple. But you can still use your power to give you the best chance of getting what you want.

Now, are you ready to learn how to find and keep the man of your dreams?

Catching a man is pretty much like fishing: some fish go for the bait on the hook (which is your fashion statement) and some fish bite and steal the bait, missing the hook (Infamous one night stand). Some might soon get away, others are hooked for a season, and still others are hooked for lifetime. But what kind of bait do you need in order to hook a man for a lifetime?

The process of hooking a man for a lifetime starts with knowing your objective. As with any other important process, knowing your objective will dictate the actions you take, thereby resulting in the desired outcome. A woman with a focused mind can accomplish anything. If you just want to have a good time, then that does not require much thought. You can do almost anything if you don’t have much stake in the results. But if you have a more specific goal, remember that you cannot catch fish with apples or oranges; you have to both attract them with what fish like to eat, the worms and shrimp, and also with the appropriate type of hook for the kind of fish you’re after. You’ve got to get to know what a fish likes.

member-deal-adx2This same principal applies to catching certain types of men. Your mind is the hook and has to capture him. Your body and clothing are the bait. So what you do next after you attract a man’s attention is the key to succeeding or failing to attract and keep the man of your dreams for a lifetime. Do you wonder why you only seem to be meeting Mr. Right Now? What’s interesting is that same Mr. Right Now from last week can next week be Mr. Right for the woman who read and understood this article. Imagine that you spent a year dating a man but only two weeks after your breakup he’s met another woman that he plans to marry. “Hey Jill, I am sorry to tell you that I met someone and I am getting married next month.” You’re like, huh? But you did not have the right hook to keep him for a lifetime.

Remember this: if you know that you want a commitment, you should not simply have sex every time a man is attracted to you. Don’t have sex until the man is properly hooked on your mind as well as your body.

Ok, now that I have you seeing the big picture. The fish will only be properly hooked on your mind; physicality itself is not enough, no matter what our fast-moving society seems to say.

Once your man is properly hooked, you have take him off the hook and get him into the frying pan and sauté him a little bit. This is your process of understanding this potential man of your dreams and getting to know his goals, dreams, and desires. What makes him tick? You have to get into his mind. You have to make yourself an asset in his life so that every time he thinks of doing something, he thinks of you: “Honey, can you make me some tea, honey, can you wash my back, honey, can you rub my shoulders?” He almost becomes dependent on you. This is why Jesus says in Matthew 20:26-28, “But among you it is quite different. Anyone wanting to be a leader among you must be your servant. And if you want to be right at the top, you must serve like a slave.” Perhaps these words seem insulting at first, but by following their spirit, you become a person he cannot live without, perhaps even the most important human being in his life.

So even if you were at first offended by Jesus’ suggestion, it’ll stick in your mind. And because few know and understand this true secret, it is the perfect hook. Think about yourself: what is it that hooks you to a man in a long-term relationship? Is it his good looks and muscles, or is it the fact that he is willing to serve you, to care for you from head to toe? Even the most beautiful woman on the planet wants this type of treatment, and she too can give it to the man of her dreams.

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  1. With all the talk about fish I wasn’t surprised that Jesus eventually popped up in the discourse. Clearly written by a younger man as sex is to the fore, as is manipulation via physical intimacy, or rather the withholding of it. All real down to earth issues but nevertheless superficial in outlook. Sadly many (or possibly most) modern romantic relationships feature instant (or almost instant) gratification and miss out on so very much. I refer to really getting to know a person at a much slower pace; developing a true deep friendship; and most of all a spiritual bonding free from the clouding caused by premature intimacy. Yes, old fashioned courtship. I count myself blessed that I have some fantastic female friends who have been on the edge of my life for decades. I attribute some of that to the fact that whilst we possibly met hoping for romance, at an early stage neither side attempted to put our relationship at risk via physical intimacy. We truly got to know each other before deciding on ‘friendship’ or ‘romance.’ The older one becomes the more one appreciates just how important friends are. Modern life may appear to create opportunities fast, but often even greater opportunities lie hidden.

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