What is the Mysterious Attraction of the Vagina?

As men, we unknowingly spend the greater part of our lives chasing women but perhaps have never wondered why. But why do men spend their whole lives trying to get back to the very place from which they have come forth into the world? How interesting is that? (Of course, some men who are gay are disconnected from this phenomena, but the positive attraction of men to vaginas is our focus here.)

The warmth of the vagina must have left a very good impression on us men as we are always interested in going back to that place, no matter what scent, color, shape or size. Sometimes this attraction becomes so great that it even causes dishonesty and cheating.

Your vagina is a natural experience custom only to you. No matter how many times you’ve had sex, each woman is a different experience. Whether young or old, experienced or inexperienced, each woman has her own signature “fingerprint,” and a man can only have that experience with her. That is one thing that makes you and your vagina unique: it is particular only to you, which is a less complicated way of saying no one woman has ever really been the same as another. That’s what makes the vagina beautiful, and that’s what keeps men curious about new and different women. It never gets old or boring, and it is never the same twice!

We know we’re never going to be able to guess what we’re going to get because each woman’s body reacts differently. Some women are more sensitive to touch, others are not…this could be tied to the amount of affection received as a child or to the body itself, but the fact remains that the experiences will be different. Not even sex with sisters is guaranteed to be the same! Our curiosity stays at all-time high levels because we don’t know what’s inside the wrapper until we open it and experience it for ourselves.

Experienced men have also learned that a woman’s outer beauty doesn’t mean the vagina is going to be warm on the inside, and just because a woman is not so good looking doesn’t mean the vagina is not going to be the best ever! (How To Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?). The dichotomy is that some of the best looking women make the worst sex partners, and some of the not so good-looking women make the best sex partners. That in itself is quite amazing, like God playing a little trick on our psyche. Societal elements such as commercial advertisements make men and women alike think that levels of outer appearance and sexual passion are the same thing; however, you will often find the opposite. A person viewed as the underdog might catch you by surprise and turn out to be the most amazing sex partner, and now you are in love. And you are saying to yourself, how did that happen? It’s really quite simple when you think about it: your mind cannot be in two places at the same time, so if you are all into yourself (as we know some very attractive women and men are), you very well cannot be all into me.

What makes a vagina good and what makes it not so good really has nothing to do with you: this is something that only God can give you, and it cannot be purchased along with vaginoplasty. Some women are very sensitive and highly responsive and others are not; either you have it or you do not. The rest is the feeling a man gets when he’s inside you: either you feel good or you do not, either you’re reactive or not. Entering a woman’s vagina each time is amazing and unique, it’s like Christmas all over again. Men are as excited as a kid in a candy store about the prospect of sex with a new woman.

It’s important to remember this when pursuing that question women all over have: why is a man being dishonest, or why is he cheating? Why? Why? Why are men dishonest dogs?

I’ll tell you that most men are dishonest because they are afraid to be honest with you. They fear expressing themselves and they also fail to have control over that call of nature that often beckons them back to the vagina without asking their brains what they think. It’s difficult to be honest because men know, after the fact, they should not have cheated, but their animal instincts overruled. They could not even help themselves. Not to mention, they already know you are not going to want to hear about it!

Let’s face it, the power of a woman’s vagina is more amazing than most women and men probably realize. It unknowingly puts out a frequency which calls men of all stature back home; they want to open the little box, just like two birds who know when in the year it is time to mate. It’s just life. When a man discovers how amazing each experience is, he wants to keep trying more and more, this race and that race, white, black, red and brown, to see what he really likes. Is it all the same? You never know until you open the box. Try it all, is our philosophy! And it is only after men have tried it all that their curiosity maybe satisfied.

This point is the best opportunity for a woman to experience a man focusing on her alone. After long enough, men will start to realize that it’s enough. Later, hopefully, he comes to the conclusion that wisdom and time teach us: no matter what woman he’s with, at the end of the day, all women want a committed relationship and someone to love her. In order to be what a woman wants, he has to learn how to give her that.

At the end of the day, I believe the mystery behind the vagina is natural. It is nature’s natural built in mechanism of making sure men and women continue to find each other attractive and populate the earth, much like the call in nature of animals and birds alike to mate with one another. Problems arise when we try to fight nature, so instead, we might as well try to understand it.

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  1. Your site is disgusting and harmful. You are spreading crap like, “men know, after the fact, they should not have cheated, but their animal instincts overruled. They could not even help themselves.”
    It’s bullcrap. And most of your articles are on how women can improve themselves, etc. Where are your articles for the men?
    You have two articles that are titled similarly (one is “why some women are treated like queens and others like whores”), for each sex, yet both articles seem to blame women as the problem!

    What I find most disgusting is that you are bringing the bible and God into all of this. Some of what you advocate (like being a Proverbs 31 wife) is true. But don’t tie Him to your posts when you are essentially blaming women for most relationship issues and making claims like “men can’t help themselves cheating because their instincts overrule.” That is NOT a message of God.
    Furthermore, I know men who have never cheated. It comes down to self-discipline and what they really value in life.
    Stop making excuses for men who do wrong and think wrongly.
    You are perpetuating harmful ideas.

    • Jared Kennedy says:

      It’s sad that you are hiding behind a profile. If you right about what you are saying then own it, otherwise you would not know the truth about men if it were looking at you in the mirror. You state you “Know men who have never have cheated”… how would you know this unless you were with these men every waking moment?

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