Beauty Comes From Within!

Young Black woman with shopping bags and credit cardSo many women think that caking on make-up, putting in expensive hair weaves and color changes, and sporting fancy clothing is what creates real beauty an attraction. But ladies, you’ve been lied to. Real beauty only comes from within: in God’s image as you are born, bare butt and naked.

We have been sold illusions through marketing schemes, televisions shows, movies, and magazines (Are Women the Masters of Illusion?). I’m telling you, these are false dreams. The marketing companies have been lying to you without giving you substance.  Just look at the skyrocketing divorce rate. Look deeper at the shallow behavior of those put forward to you as role models.

If your man can’t stand you, it’s not because he doesn’t like your outfit; it’s because he doesn’t like you the person.  If you’re getting a divorce, you’re not getting a divorce because of the way you dress or because of your lack of education; it’s because you two are not treating each other like true friends (What Does the Old Adage “Be Friends First” Have to Do with Dating?).  Everything that I’m mentioning is an attribute that comes from within not outside of yourself. Ladies, if you put nothing in bank, don’t expect to pull out diamonds and pearls. What you put in is what you get out in return. NOTHING FROM NOTHING LEAVES NOTHING and the same goes for relationships.

Many of you are out there wondering why you cannot either keep or attract the man you really want.  So, being that you are in a state of confusion, you go shopping as a solution. WRONG! Accessories don’t make you a good person, and neither does your external beauty make you a good person. What we’re talking about here is substance, a depth of kindness and honesty. You can be an attractive body, sure, but we know that the light shining from a good-hearted person can only be created from within.

The most beautiful body on the planet can be the ugliest person seen on the planet at the same time. An empty-attractive woman may attract all men for two seconds, but her emptiness will soon repel those same men. If someone hands you a soft, fragrant peach, you want to bite into it. But if your first bite is met with a nest of worms coiled in the rotting fruit, you can bet you’re going to pitch that peach right off the porch and not finish it!

A “moderate” looking girl with the great attitude and smile gets her faithful man, and many beautiful women are either being cheated on or are at home lonely with a dildo beside their bed (The 9 Big Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women).  Just saying! Please don’t act like this is not true, because I personally have been shocked to witness quite a number of beautiful women who are staying at home and lonely. So when I see many of you ladies walking your dog by yourself… many of you are single and without the man of your dreams. Is “dog and dildo” really the life you want for yourself? Because if you’re reading this, I think not!

I’ll tell you something else: the same surface-level beautiful women get up the next day and put on a hot outfit and act like they are all that, although they have not worked on their personal depth? They are really lonely and scared hiding behind a gorgeous outfit. To proud to admit and ask for the help they need.

All you single ladies, please listen carefully and put your pride to the side: stop the act. Be forthright. If you see a man you like, say hi, how are you? Are you hungry? Let’s go to lunch.

You’re laughing! But think about it… why not?  It’s better than sitting at home, alone and scared with a dildo and dog, acting like you are happy.  Right? What are you going to do when the batteries die in the middle of the night? Call in the dog? “Hey Rocky, come here, I have something for you to do….” With the way things are going, I will not be surprised in 10 years if women are marrying their dogs!

Here is an anecdote an actor friend of mine shared about a good friend: my buddy, who is a male model and actor, decided to have a party and invite all of his model friends. One of his other buddies brought a model so beautiful that all the other models stopped to look at her when she walked in the room. Later, when my friend had a moment he walked up to his buddy and said, “Man, how did you pull her?” But all his friend could say is, “Her??? Man, ‘what you see is what you get.’” Apparently, she was so dumb that she couldn’t even calculate 10% of a $100.  It’s sad, but it is apparent that this unfortunate lady, although drop dead gorgeous, never invested in her inner beauty or her mind.

Ladies, don’t invest all your time, money and energy on clothing, hair weaves, shoes, boots, and purses without investing an equal of time and effort into making yourself a better person. Remember, the body changes, and the body passes. But the spirit? The mind? They last. The real substance and attraction factor that you are looking for only comes from within.

One of the seven keys to finding and keeping the man of your dreams (MOYD) is having a positive attitude and spirit; your ability to truly understand and support your man all comes from within yourself.  It has nothing to do with anything other than that: make-up will not save your relationship, showing those pretty legs will not save your relationship, a new hair style will not save your relationship. The only thing that will make a man want to be with you every waking moment is you. Who are you under that make-up, is the real question?  Are you a Proverbs 31 woman? Or as stated in Proverbs 12:4, are you the kind that corrodes and tears down your man?

I understand that you have been lied to. Stop believing the lies. They have made finding a soul mate into a twisted game, and you’ve been playing by the wrong rules. How many thousands of dollars have you spent to beautify yourself without investing one dime into your own inner self worth and growth as a person?  If I were your daddy, here is the advice I would give to you: Daughter, STOP! JUST SAY NO! Make yourself beautiful on the inside before you ever invest a dime on your outside appearance.

It is true that as men we like to see women who look nice, but a man’s true and lasting attraction to you will be because of your smile and positive attitude, your ability to listen and to communicate, and, in short, the type of person you are.  Are you virtuous, dependable and reliable?  Are you thrifty and wise? Do you take care of yourself and home? Will you make a good mother?  (Big One!) Daughter, these are the ingredients that will truly attract and help you keep the man of your dreams and to be honest with you; these attributes are the most important ingredients, and they cost you absolutely nothing.


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