Beauty Comes From Within!

So many women think that caking on make-up, putting in expensive hair weaves and color changes, and sporting fancy clothing is what creates real beauty […]

Sleeping with the Enemy

Who is the enemy? Read on, and you might just discover it’s been you. An enemy in a relationship is anyone acting contrary to the […]

What Does The Old Adage “Be Friends First” Have To Do With Dating?

Perhaps the key to a successful and long lasting relationship is true friendship.  Without friendship, you are having nothing but a sexual escapade.  This is […]

What is the Mysterious Attraction of the Vagina?

As men, we unknowingly spend the greater part of our lives chasing women but perhaps have never wondered why. But why do men spend their […]

How to Spruce Up Your Sex Life?

So let’s say I met this girl name Lucy. She was dressed so fine, with such style and elegance in beautiful heels and a skirt […]

Setting Boundaries for the Men in Your Life Is Critical

If you want to be truly respected by men, you must set boundaries. As a lady, you’ll find that boundaries provide security and help to […]

What Is a Woman Saying When She Dresses Provocatively?

When a woman wears sexy clothing, chances are that she is wearing the clothes in order to feel good about herself in a number of […]

The Power of a Woman’s Sexual Energy

Every time a man is interested in having sex with a woman is an opportunity for that lady to become the woman of his dreams! […]

How to Know the Dating World is Small?

You meet this fabulous guy and show up to his home wearing a piece of living art in the form of a jacket,, and […]

How to Make a Comeback after Falling Out of Grace!

First of all, understand that how old you are does not make a difference in your results. Please realize that you could be fifty years […]

How Does A Women Go From A Starting Position To A Bench Player?

A man can flip the relationship on you in a second. You know you really messed up when a man gives you back all the […]

Four Magic Steps to Get Your Man Off the Edge of the Bed and Back into Your Arms!

So let’s see, your man has grown so irritable through dealing with you that he is sleeping at the edge of your bed. But now […]

Who Makes A Better Sex Partner, A Vegan Or Meat Eater?

An interesting question, and here is something amazing I discovered! Numerous people are clueless to or just flat out don’t remember who in their sexual […]

Diary of a Gigolette

An interview with Ms. Kitty Cat, a former Gigolette Let’s first start by defining “Gigolette.” Have you ever heard of a Gigolo? A Gigolo is […]

What To Do When Your Man Reaches The Seven Year Itch?

Let’s first define what we mean by the so-called Seven Year Itch: The Seven Year Itch happens when a man becomes restless in his long-term […]

How Does A Women’s Failed Relationship With Her Father Affect Her Relationships With Men?

Daddy’s girl. These two words conjure up a perfect, Norman Rockwell-esque picture of a loving dad with his happy, adoring daughter. There will be smiles […]

How Did I Let Her Get Away?

What makes a man think about you years later? Is it his having been so close to having sex with you but never got to […]

What Is The True Origin Of Marriage?

Prepare yourself to be shocked: early marriages were NEVER about love. (What??? Never about love?) It’s fascinating to research the origins of marriage and to […]

What is Exciting Sex with the Man of Your Dreams

I am on my way home from work and I am beyond exhausted. It’s late, and it has been a very, very long day. All […]

33 Woes of Singledom

Is there an advantage or disadvantage to being single? Sometimes you look at your single male/female friends and say to yourself “look at all the […]

Who Will Make The Most Compatible Partner – The Man With or Without Experience?

Interview with Jessica: HTGTMOYD: Who do you think will make the most compatible partner – the man with or without experience? Jessica: Having dated a […]

Top 12 Things a Woman Should Not Do Right Before Sex!

Ladies, the last thing a man wants to do, either right before or right after sex, is to hurt your feelings. So to help both […]

Learning To Be Happy In Your Relationship!

Does it seem like no matter what personality type you date, your relationships just don’t work out? They seem so hopeful in the beginning, until […]

Keeping the Haters Away from Your Relationship

Just think how many relationships have been destroyed by haters! You know the scenario: you had a positive gut instinct about the new gentlemen you […]

Are Women the Masters of Illusion?

Thirty plus years ago, men didn’t have to wonder whether a woman’s boobs were real … or her butt, or hair, or even her lips […]

Don’t Let Commitment Make You Complacent; How About A Relationship Tune-up?

Many of us get stuck in the habit-rut, doing the same things for years. That might sound comforting, but problems arise when we do the […]

What Makes a Man Think a Woman Will Never Cheat on Him?

If you’re getting involved with a man who has been cheated on in the past, you’re unfortunately going to have to clean up another woman’s […]

How To Know You Are NOT Marriage Material

“To be or NOT to be” marriage material? (How To Know if You Are Wifey Material?) That’s a question that needs to be answered! Marriage […]

Why Do Men Date Women Who Are Losers?

If you’re asking this question, it’s probably because you can’t have the man you want or maybe you are the woman or the friend of […]

Should The Modern Day Woman Be Submissive In A Relationship?‏

Let’s define submission, for starters – that word is trickier than you might think! “Submission means the action or fact of accepting or yielding to […]

Should A Man Buy His Woman Flowers Everyday?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer here, only personal opinion and reasoning. I am sure there are many women who would LOVE a […]

What Women Don’t Know About Men and Sexual Compatibility

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about men! So you’re beautiful, successful, educated, and gainfully employed…where is your dream man? […]

Dating the Overbearing Religious Woman

I don’t know if you are religious or not, but this article is written for all of the new souls who just discovered, after being […]

Matricide: Life’s Little Dating Lessons

We usually end up dating the person we need, as oppose to the person we want. How does that happen? Proverbs 9:1, states “Wisdom has […]

What To Do When Love Does Not Pay The Bills?

Question: did love EVER pay the bills? Answer: no. Love does not, will not, and cannot ever pay the bills. All I can think of […]

How Does Lack of Trust Affect a Relationship?

If you don’t have ‘trust’ in a relationship, there can’t BE a relationship! Trust is one of the most basic foundations on which a relationship […]

Why Are Women So Happy About Getting Married?

Why are women so happy about getting married? Blame it on Barbie and Ken. Or Fred and Wilma. Or Prince Charming. (Sigh) It is the […]

Understanding the Eight Stages to a Successful Long-Term Relationship

Have you ever wondered why so many relationships fail? Perhaps you have experienced the disappointments of a failed relationship between your father and mother, or […]

Part II: Do You Know What It Means To Be A Good Girlfriend, Fiance or Wife?

For all of you ladies who are curious on how a man views a woman to be a good girlfriend, fiancé or wife, please continue […]

How Important is Food to a Healthy Relationship?

Food and romance are a complicated pairing. Some foods are aphrodisiacs, whereas others are irritants; you and your partner might follow very different diets; you […]

What’s Up With Dating Women Who Think and Act Like Men?

We’re not saying that there is a certain way all men are, or a certain way that all women are. Still, there are plenty of […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Wife, Fiance or Girlfriend?

The Bible [reference: The Living Bible -Complete Catholic Edition copyright 1972, 1977] states in Proverbs 31 verses 10-12, “If you can find a truly good […]

How To Help The Man of Your Dreams Understand The Feeling Of Being Stuck At Home With The Kids?

This article is dedicated to all stay at home mothers, single women with no children and new and existing father’s who have no clue of […]

How Important Is It To Check A Man’s Belief System Before Dating?

How important it IS to check out a man’s belief system before dating him really depends  on your intent.  Are you just casually dating or […]

How To Exit A Relationship With The Man Of Your Nightmares

Here’s a scary truth: crazy men know how to appear as the men of your dreams (Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?). In fact, […]

Should A Woman Block Her Jealous Ex On Social Media?

Should a woman block her jealous ex on social media? The answer seems built into the question: the words “ex” and “jealous” are generally a […]

How Men View Women Who Embody Masculine Sexual Energy?

Ladies, herein is the mindset of most men and how they view women who are particularly promiscuous in an untamed fashion. Sure, a man may […]

What Would You Do If You Were Paying For Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone & Discovered That He is Talking to His Ex?

Ok, here is the scenario: you’re paying your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) cell phone bill and since you’re trying, of course, to look for ways to […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Date An Alpha Male?

An Alpha male: he is the leader of the pack; he dominates pretty much anything and everything around him, and expects you to be just […]

Equal Treatment In A Relationship: Starts With Equal Pay

It is a contradiction to demand equal rights and equal pay in society when you are not willing to spend your hard earned money equally […]

The Super Nice Woman vs. the Super Ugly Spirited Woman

Dr. Jeckyll vs. Mrs. Hyde. Who are you? A super nice woman can get away with just about anything.  But what if you know that […]

7 Relationship Tips on How To Get the Response You Want from the Man of Your Dreams

1. Use “I language” when you talk to him instead of “you language.” For example, instead of screeching, “You never do the dishes around here […]

How To Keep the Attention of the Man You’re Dating 101

Every woman looks good to a man for 2.5 seconds, but how do you truly attract and keep the attention of this potential Man of […]

Why Might a Woman Give Her Dog More Love Than The Man of Her Dreams?

The answers to this question should be immediately obvious. For one thing, dogs love their women unconditionally, and don’t care a whit about their women’s […]

“How to Start Dating After a Long Relationship?” Part I

The question of how to start dating after a long relationship begins with the simple word HOW. If you have been in a long relationship […]

Can Sex Attract and Conquer a Man?

Some men cannot, as the old saying goes, be whipped by sex. Surprised? I know you thought you were going to reel him in and […]

Exciting Sex vs. Non-Exciting Sex

What’s the difference between exciting and non-exciting sex? I have had numerous sexual experiences over the years and can say that each time you have […]

Sex, Lies, and Self-Deception

When you lie, you not unknowingly deceive yourself but the very man you wish to attract. If you are guilty of this cardinal sin, forgive […]

What Should A Man Do When The Woman Of His Dreams May Not Be Able To Have Children?

Here is the scenario: Michael meets the woman of his dreams, Jamie, at age 37, finally. Two years into the relationship, due to medical reasons […]

Learning the Art of Acceptance is the Key to a Successful Relationship!

“When you have given your best, there are no regrets, only acceptance.” Accepting a person for who he or she is and not as who […]

Jay Z & Beyoncé Getting Divorced?

I have heard the rumors that Jay Z and Beyoncé are getting a divorce! Ok now, I am extremely disappointed: can’t anybody stay married these […]

How Many Times a Week Should a Man Have Sex with the Woman of His Dreams?

This is a question you should ask your partner before committing to a relationship. The combination of a high sex drive and low sex drive […]

33 + Extraordinary Questions You Should Ask Before Dating

If I had taken my time and asked half of these deal-breaker questions before dating, I would not have suffered in nearly as many broken […]

Having a Baby with a Man Does Not Mean He Will Love You!

If women do not know this by now, good grief! But let’s break it down for those who don’t. Although when you have a man’s […]

Top 10 ½ $5 Investments to Propel You Into the Heart of the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD)!

Note: As a general rule, if you cannot afford $5, you need to be looking for a job, not dating! I know that things are […]

The Top 40 ½ Rookie Mistakes a Woman Makes When Dating

1. Calling the police before taking responsibility for your own actions. (Should You Ever Call 911 on Your Man) 2. Not truly listening to what […]

The Line Between Independence and Selfish Pride: Avoiding Unattractive Behaviors

Every man claims to love an independent woman, and every independent woman claims to love herself! Dating can be a tricky situation, with us always […]

Switching from Dating Women to Dating Men

So how do you switch to dating men when 3/4 of your dating life has been dating women? First, before we start this interview, let’s […]

What Role Does Health and Wellness Play in Finding and Keeping the MOYD?

When I was in my twenties, I was a wild child. I traveled to China, Bali, South America, and all over the U.S.A. partying and […]

How Women Misuse Their Power to Attract the Man of Their Dreams (MOYD)

Let’s start with Facebook and the thousands of half dressed or near naked women. As a man, I just look at the many profiles and […]

I Am Having Sex With My Ex’s Brother…What Is a Girl Suppose To Do?

Interview with Sabrina, 30 years on the planet: So here’s the scenario. My very first love, since I was 17 years old, is his brother. […]

When A Woman Gets Married, Should She Change Her Last Name?

Now, this should be a quick read if you follow the traditions of time immemorial, in which case the answer should be an unequivocal yes. […]

14 Reasons Why Men Go From Being Crazy About You To Cannot Standing The Ground You Walk On

Most married men or men in long term or even semi long term (3 years or less) relationships have this problem. What happened? What is […]

24 Lies that Women Want to Hear

A conversation with my lady: Do honesty and full disclosure make for a great relationship? Will the truth set you free, or greatly raise your […]

What to Do If Your Husband or Boyfriend Tells You You’re Not Sexy

What happened? You used to be sexy in the man of your dreams (MOYD) eyes, and now he is telling you that you no longer […]

What Is The Secret To Always Remaining Beautiful In A Man’s Eyes?

First of all, what do YOU think the secret to remaining beautiful in the eyes of the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD) is? Do you […]

Doing The Right Thing With The Wrong Person

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and […]

I Caught My Man Cheating With His Girl Cousin

As I was out networking, I happened to meet a lady of 26 years on the planet, Nicky, who explained to me after I gave […]

10 and ½ Signs That a Woman or Man Should Exit a Relationship!

Here at (HTGTMOYD) we are all about bringing men and women together, but there are, on occasion, certain huge red flags that say, “I […]

23 Tips To Keep the Relationship Smoking Hot!

As strange as it may seem, we often forget how to maintain the relationships we’ve so desperately sought. Once you get comfortable, you never know […]

You’re In a Relationship With A Rich Man, Would You Allow A 2nd Girlfriend?

Here’s the scenario:  You and he have been in a committed relationship for the past two years.  He does not ask your feelings, but simply […]

Why Can’t Jennifer Aniston Find The Man Of Her Dreams?

Simple: She is always looking for Brad Pitt. Sometimes a woman finds a great man but does not realize it until after he’s gone. And […]

How Do Single Men View Dating Women with Children?

As I think back to when I was single and childless, it was the craziest thing in my mind to date a woman who had […]

Learning How To Take Constructive Criticism From The Man of Your Dreams (MOYD).

Everybody who loves to take constructive criticism from the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD), raise your hands! You may be okay with taking constructive criticism […]

If Your Bed Could Talk, What Would It Say?

“Girl, we had a good time last night with Fred, and the night before, with Johnny, was even better.” Would your bed speak in different […]