What Does The Old Adage “Be Friends First” Have To Do With Dating?

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Matricide: Life’s Little Dating Lessons

We usually end up dating the person we need, as oppose to the person we want. How does that happen? Proverbs 9:1, states “Wisdom has […]

How Important is Food to a Healthy Relationship?

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How Important Is It To Check A Man’s Belief System Before Dating?

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33 + Extraordinary Questions You Should Ask Before Dating

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The Top 40 ½ Rookie Mistakes a Woman Makes When Dating

1. Calling the police before taking responsibility for your own actions. (Should You Ever Call 911 on Your Man) 2. Not truly listening to what […]

Switching from Dating Women to Dating Men

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Dating The Unrealistic Woman

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18 Things to Say (and NOT to Say) if Your Man is in Jail

In remembrance of our men and women behind bars (Hebrews 13:3, Matthew 7:12) With the ever-increasing number of laws in our society, your man may […]

Dating & the Desperate 30’s

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That is Not Your Daddy!

Let’s have a little fun today and a good laugh! Why would a woman ever want to deny that her baby’s daddy is the father […]

Affidavit and Confession of an International Player

Note: The principles in this article can be applied to both men and women, substituting the feminine for the masculine. My failed relationships result from […]

10 Dating Tips on How to Be Different From the Competition!

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Dating 102: Weighing The Pros and Cons

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Dating the Insecure Woman vs. the Secure Woman? Part 2

continued from Part I, Dating the Insecure Woman vs Secure Woman Excessive calls to his place of employment – What are you trying to do? […]

Dating the Insecure Woman vs. the Secure Woman

Men love women who are secure and loathe women who are not. We know females do crazy things when they love hard. But all too […]

What Does It Mean When A Man Says He Is “Kind Of Dating Another Woman?”

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5 Ways to Know the Man You’re Dating is a User

A man who is a user is truly not interested in you–only what you can offer.  All his initial questions relate to your job, career […]

What Does a Man Consider Proper Hygiene for a Woman He is Dating?

When Does It Start to Matter? It is one of many double standards that some men have opted to adopt: Although it may be common […]

Women Are Too Smart These Days

Online Dating Before we even had a phone conversation she Googled me. What the heck?  This is a Google invasion of privacy.  Geeez!  Ladies, yes […]

Why African American Men Date Outside of Their Race: A Mathematical Breakdown

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Dating the Older Man

Ever wonder why you see more couples of younger women with older men than vice-versa? There is a pretty simple explanation. Older men are a […]

Dating the Younger Man

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