Get Dating Advice Now and Learn to Make a First Impression Where He Will Never Stop Thinking About You

Has it been a while since you’ve had a successful date? Do you dread the days after your first date, wondering if he’ll call for a second? Are you fed up with the disappointments, one after the other?  Read the articles below and gain important tips on dating.


How Do Single Men View Dating Women with Children?


As I think back to when I was single and childless, it was the craziest thing in my mind to date a woman who had […]

The Art of Being Patient – Dating 101


One of the two biggest keys to creating a successful relationship is being patient, truly spending time to get to know the other person before […]

Dating The Unrealistic Woman (Luke 6:38)


Okay, once again, here’s the scenario. You call up a male friend in another city, say Los Angeles, and say, “Hey, I am coming into […]

18 Things to Say (and NOT to Say) if Your Man is in Jail


In remembrance of our men and women behind bars (Hebrews 13:3, Matthew 7:12) With the ever-increasing number of laws in our society, your man may […]

Dating & the Desperate 30′s


Here is an unspoken truth: A man can feel when a woman he is dating is desperate. She is so desperate to get married that […]

That is Not Your Daddy!


Let’s have a little fun today and a good laugh! Why would a woman ever want to deny that her baby’s daddy is the father […]

Affidavit and Confession of an International Player


Note: The principles in this article can be applied to both men and women, substituting the feminine for the masculine. My failed relationships result from […]

10 Dating Tips on How to Be Different From the Competition!


Attracting the Man of your Dreams (MOYD) is about being different from the competition.  Attraction is not being typical, and to be typical and expect […]

Dating The Married Man In An Open Relationship.


Can a married man truly love the other woman?  First, stop!  I know what you are thinking. What? Who? Huh?  It is important to remember […]

The Evolution Of The Player. How Does A Regular Man Become A Player On The Dating Scene?


There would be many lonely nights, lying here in bed all alone, if I sat around waiting for one woman to call me back. It […]

In a Dating Atmosphere, Should Your Girlfriend Get Between You and a Man Who is Trying To Have a Conversation With You?


Why do women think its okay to talk to a man any way they want to, and still expect men to give them respect?  Are […]

Dating 102: Weighing The Pros and Cons


Wisdom is accepting things for the way they are; it’s understanding those ingrained traits in another person that you cannot change. These traits are so […]