Get Dating Advice Now and Learn to Make a First Impression Where He Will Never Stop Thinking About You

Has it been a while since you’ve had a successful date? Do you dread the days after your first date, wondering if he’ll call for a second? Are you fed up with the disappointments, one after the other?  Read the articles below and gain important tips on dating.


Keeping the Haters Away from Your Relationship


Just think how many relationships have been destroyed by haters! You know the scenario: you had a positive gut instinct about the new gentlemen you […]

Matricide: Life’s Little Dating Lessons


We usually end up dating the person we need, as oppose to the person we want. How does that happen? Proverbs 9:1, states “Wisdom has […]

How Important is Food to a Healthy Relationship?


Food and romance are a complicated pairing. Some foods are aphrodisiacs, whereas others are irritants; you and your partner might follow very different diets; you […]

How Important Is It To Check A Man’s Belief System Before Dating?


How important it IS to check out a man’s belief system before dating him really depends  on your intent.  Are you just casually dating or […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Date An Alpha Male?


An Alpha male: he is the leader of the pack; he dominates pretty much anything and everything around him, and expects you to be just […]

How To Keep the Attention of the Man You’re Dating 101


Every woman looks good to a man for 2.5 seconds, but how do you truly attract and keep the attention of this potential Man of […]

33 Extraordinary Questions You Should Ask & Answer Before Dating The Man or Woman of Your Dreams


If I had taken my time and asked half of these deal-breaker questions before dating, I would not have suffered in nearly as many broken […]

The Top 40 ½ Rookie Mistakes a Woman Makes When Dating The Potential Man of Her Dreams!


1. Calling the police before taking responsibility for your own actions. (Should You Ever Call 911 on Your Man) 2. Not truly listening to what […]

Switching from Dating Women to Dating Men


So how do you switch to dating men when 3/4 of your dating life has been dating women? First, before we start this interview, let’s […]

What to Do If Your Husband or Boyfriend Tells You You’re Not Sexy


What happened? You used to be sexy in the man of your dreams (MOYD) eyes, and now he is telling you that you no longer […]

How Do Single Men View Dating Women with Children?


As I think back to when I was single and childless, it was the craziest thing in my mind to date a woman who had […]

The Art of Being Patient – Dating 101


One of the two biggest keys to creating a successful relationship is being patient, truly spending time to get to know the other person before […]