Relationship Advice: Find Answers to the Most Uncommon Questions about Your Relationships with Men.

Do you ever wonder what makes up a fulfilling and healthy relationship? Why he cares too much … or too little? Why couples fight … and why some don’t? Read the articles below that will give you real, time-tested and unbiased relationship advice.

23 Weekly Tips a Woman Can Do To Keep the Relationship Smoking Hot!


As strange as it may seem, we often forget how to maintain the relationships we’ve so desperately sought. Once you get comfortable, you never know […]

Learning How To Take Constructive Criticism From The Man of Your Dreams (MOYD).


Everybody who loves to take constructive criticism from the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD), raise your hands! You may be okay with taking constructive criticism […]

What Do You Do If You Are In A Relationship But Someone Better Comes Along?


Okay, here is the scenario. You have been with your man for the past couple of years and right now your relationship is on the […]

What Makes A Man Realize He Is Ready to Have Kids At The Age Of 45?


Okay, when my longtime friend Darrin aka (DL), at the age of 45, told me that he was now ready to have kids, I was […]

Understanding What Is The Proper Role Of A Man In A Relationship?


Well, that depends on whether he is a strong man or weak man. Technically, the man is supposed to be the head of the household; […]

Would You Let Your Man Catch The Bus In The Rain If A Lady Co-Worker Is Willing To Come By And Pick Him Up?


Monique, 39, self-employed, who owns her own car, is dating a man without a car, and says it depends on who the coworker is. She […]

Is It Possible For Love At First Sight To Transcend Normal Relationship Boundaries?


Some things are reserved for the few, the proud and the brave. Have you ever met a person with whom you had an instant spark […]

5 Big Steps on How To Overcome Jealousy in Your Relationship


Why are some of the most beautiful women in the world the most jealous? Often in the dating world, a man finally gets to date […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Out of the Tolerance Zone


A stagnant relationship is a dangerous position to be in, because your relationship could go downhill very quickly. It also depends on who is tolerating […]

The Big 3 Reasons Smart Women Make Bad Relationship Choices


This topic is interesting because it goes both ways. Women are master illusionists, with the hair, makeup, boob jobs, shoes and clothing. (6 Reasons Why […]

Why Black Men Date Out of Their Race a Mathematical Equation: Part II: The Solution


Continued from Part 1 The Bible is really a scientific manuscript for keeping your vibrations high. In other words it is a equivalent to a […]

Why The Concept Of “FREE” Does Not Exist In A Successful Relationship

Fotolia_47033535_XS defines Whore as a (noun): 1       A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet. (Understanding Why Men Treat […]