Relationship Advice: Find Answers to the Most Uncommon Questions about Your Relationships with Men.

Do you ever wonder what makes up a fulfilling and healthy relationship? Why he cares too much … or too little? Why couples fight … and why some don’t? Read the articles below that will give you real, time-tested and unbiased relationship advice.

Setting Boundaries for the Men in Your Life Is Critical

If you want to be truly respected by men, you must set boundaries. As a lady, you’ll find that boundaries provide security and help to […]

Four Magic Steps to Get Your Man Off the Edge of the Bed and Back into Your Arms!

So let’s see, your man has grown so irritable through dealing with you that he is sleeping at the edge of your bed. But now […]

What Is The True Origin Of Marriage?

Prepare yourself to be shocked: early marriages were NEVER about love. (What??? Never about love?) It’s fascinating to research the origins of marriage and to […]

33 Woes of Singledom

Is there an advantage or disadvantage to being single? Sometimes you look at your single male/female friends and say to yourself “look at all the […]

Don’t Let Commitment Make You Complacent; How About A Relationship Tune-up?

Many of us get stuck in the habit-rut, doing the same things for years. That might sound comforting, but problems arise when we do the […]

Dating the Overbearing Religious Woman

I don’t know if you are religious or not, but this article is written for all of the new souls who just discovered, after being […]

How Does Lack of Trust Affect a Relationship?

If you don’t have ‘trust’ in a relationship, there can’t BE a relationship! Trust is one of the most basic foundations on which a relationship […]

How To Help The Man of Your Dreams Understand The Feeling Of Being Stuck At Home With The Kids?

This article is dedicated to all stay at home mothers, single women with no children and new and existing father’s who have no clue of […]

What Would You Do If You Were Paying For Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone & Discovered That He is Talking to His Ex?

Ok, here is the scenario: you’re paying your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) cell phone bill and since you’re trying, of course, to look for ways to […]

7 Relationship Tips on How To Get the Response You Want from the Man of Your Dreams

1. Use “I language” when you talk to him instead of “you language.” For example, instead of screeching, “You never do the dishes around here […]

Learning the Art of Acceptance is the Key to a Successful Relationship!

“When you have given your best, there are no regrets, only acceptance.” Accepting a person for who he or she is and not as who […]

Having a Baby with a Man Does Not Mean He Will Love You!

If women do not know this by now, good grief! But let’s break it down for those who don’t. Although when you have a man’s […]