Learn the Hardcore Facts to Keep Your Sexual Relationship Hot!

Do you want to know what men sexually desire from The Woman Of Their Dreams.  Read below our articles that will give you tips that will give you sexual confidence without the trial and error.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Who is the enemy? Read on, and you might just discover it’s been you. An enemy in a relationship is anyone acting contrary to the […]

How to Spruce Up Your Sex Life?

So let’s say I met this girl name Lucy. She was dressed so fine, with such style and elegance in beautiful heels and a skirt […]

The Power of a Woman’s Sexual Energy

Every time a man is interested in having sex with a woman is an opportunity for that lady to become the woman of his dreams! […]

Who Makes A Better Sex Partner, A Vegan Or Meat Eater?

An interesting question, and here is something amazing I discovered! Numerous people are clueless to or just flat out don’t remember who in their sexual […]

What is Exciting Sex with the Man of Your Dreams

I am on my way home from work and I am beyond exhausted. It’s late, and it has been a very, very long day. All […]

Top 12 Things a Woman Should Not Do Right Before Sex!

Ladies, the last thing a man wants to do, either right before or right after sex, is to hurt your feelings. So to help both […]

What Women Don’t Know About Men and Sexual Compatibility

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about men! So you’re beautiful, successful, educated, and gainfully employed…where is your dream man? […]

How Men View Women Who Embody Masculine Sexual Energy?

Ladies, herein is the mindset of most men and how they view women who are particularly promiscuous in an untamed fashion. Sure, a man may […]

Exciting Sex vs. Non-Exciting Sex

What’s the difference between exciting and non-exciting sex? I have had numerous sexual experiences over the years and can say that each time you have […]

How Many Times a Week Should a Man Have Sex with the Woman of His Dreams?

This is a question you should ask your partner before committing to a relationship. The combination of a high sex drive and low sex drive […]

I Am Having Sex With My Ex’s Brother…What Is a Girl Suppose To Do?

Interview with Sabrina, 30 years on the planet: So here’s the scenario. My very first love, since I was 17 years old, is his brother. […]

I Caught My Man Cheating With His Girl Cousin

As I was out networking, I happened to meet a lady of 26 years on the planet, Nicky, who explained to me after I gave […]