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14 Steps Finding and Keeping The Man Of Your Dreams

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This is a step-by-step manual for finding the man of your dreams. This eBook will take you through the entire process and reveal the secrets that men you’re dating, or in a relationship with, won’t tell you. You’ll get an inside glimpse into how and what men really think about dating and being in relationships. You’ll learn:

· The fundamental step that’s essential to master before entering the dating world – p. 8

· How to appropriately respond to men in different situations – p. 22

· How to build trust with men – p. 26

· What critical things to do before, during, and after the first date to ensure a second date only if you choose – p. 33

· How to analyze the date to know if he’ll follow-up for a second – p. 48

· How to weed out and identify the men who are not ready for a relationship – p. 55

· How to use a simple checklist to know if you’re ready and when it’s appropriate to sleep with him – p. 62

· How to talk about the future without scaring him – p. 66

· How to maintain a relationship with the man of your dreams once you find him – p. 69

Life is a journey of self-discovery. A woman who recognizes her self-worth and has invested in herself, will reap the rewards of a long and fulfilling happy life that includes the man of her dreams. Begin the journey today.

If you follow the principles in this manual, you will NEVER go wrong!