Do Men Consistently Confuse You? Find Answers to Your Most Frustrating Questions About How Men Truly Think & Feel and What to Do

If you find men to be confusing and hard to understand, meeting the man of your dreams would be a lot easier if you understood how they feel about commitment, love, fidelity, relationships…and YOU!   Read the articles below and you will be able to understand a man’s thoughts.

How To Exit A Relationship With The Man Of Your Nightmares


Here’s a scary truth: crazy men know how to appear as the men of your dreams (Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?). In fact, […]

Equal Treatment In A Relationship: Starts With Equal Pay


It is a contradiction to demand equal rights and equal pay in society when you are not willing to spend your hard earned money equally […]

What Should A Man Do When The Woman Of His Dreams May Not Be Able To Have Children?


Here is the scenario: Michael meets the woman of his dreams, Jamie, at age 37, finally. Two years into the relationship, due to medical reasons […]

14 Reasons Why Men Go From Being Crazy About You To Cannot Standing The Ground You Walk On


Most married men or men in long term or even semi long term (3 years or less) relationships have this problem. What happened? What is […]

10 and ½ Signs That a Woman or Man Should Exit a Relationship!


Here at HowToGetTheManofYourDreams.com (HTGTMOYD) we are all about bringing men and women together, but there are, on occasion, certain huge red flags that say, “I […]

Understanding the Top 18 Reasons A Man Will Not Cheat On The Woman of His Dreams


Let’s define not cheating as a man looking at and appreciating the beauty of other women, but not having sexual intercourse with anyone but the […]

Understanding How Men Really Feel About The Infamous One-Night Stand?


Have you ever had a one-night stand? Okay, are you ready to go inside the minds of men? A one-night stand, as defined by Urban […]

Understanding How the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD) Really Feels About Abortions?


An abortion is like the biggest trick that Satan, through fear, has ever pulled on mankind. An abortion is a decision to terminate one of […]

A Double-Minded Woman Receives Nothing! (James 1:7-8)


Many women wonder why they are beautiful but sitting home lonely, or as single mothers (How Do Single Men View Dating Women with Children?). First, […]

12 Ways to Help the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD) Get Over a Drug or Alcohol Addiction


Note: This article is helpful for all types of addictions. Below are some of the common symptoms of a person addicted to drugs: 1. Mood […]

Understanding if You Can Change a “Bad Boy” into the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD)?


If you have lived in a protective bubble your whole life and secretly desire the contrast of a “bad boy,” this article is for you. […]

Understanding WhyYou Are Beautiful and Still Single


I met this beautiful co-host of a radio show last night, and after I introduced myself, she admitted that she was single and wanted some […]