You – The Most Important Aspect of a Relationship we Often Forget is Knowing Ourselves.

The articles below will help you to learn about yourself.  Because the first step in getting to know the man of your dreams to know yourself first.

If Your Bed Could Talk, What Would It Say?


“Girl, we had a good time last night with Fred, and the night before, with Johnny, was even better.” Would it speak in different languages? […]

Top 10 Reasons Women Do Not Cheat on the Men of Their Dreams


When I was first presented with the idea for this article, I have to be honest–I laughed. Like women don’t cheat? The answer is the […]

Do Successful Relationships Always Come With Pain?


When starting a new relationship, we always hope for pleasure and good times, expect that the other person will make us happy and our life […]

Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image?


The question is; Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image, When Behind Closed Doors They Really Like Women? What a tricky and […]

Accepting A Good Man After A History Of Bad Relationships


Accepting A Good Man After A History Of Bad Relationships For some women, finding a good man can seem like the hardest thing to imagine, […]

How Do You Know If You Are A Real Woman?


Given that thousands of hard-earned dollars are spent on engagement rings bought with the best of intentions, here is the question: Would a real woman […]

Can a Woman Ever Be Happy In Her Relationship?


When my last relationship broke up, I had a chance to talk to my ex post-mortem and ask him how he was feeling. Now, I’ll […]

What is Love?


I’ve been in many relationships, from long-term to casual, and in all of them, feelings are inevitable. If you’re lucky, you get to experience love. […]

What Makes a Man a Really Good Sex Partner?


Sex is almost like a fine wine; it just gets better with time and age. It is the same with men and sex. Most men, […]

What Are The 7 Signs To Tell Whether A Woman Sees You As Husband Or Just A Good Sex Partner?


Determining your status with a woman you are dating can be important if you are thinking about taking the relationship further. It can also be […]

Why Do Women Treat Some Men Like Kings and Other Men like Whores?


Unfortunately, if you are a man in today’s society, money is the root to all evil. Women are seeking stability and someone to endure the […]

How Important Is It To Be Equally Yoked in a Relationship? Part II


How important is it for a woman to share the same values with the man of her dreams? This is a fallacy. The concept of […]