You – The Most Important Aspect of a Relationship we Often Forget is Knowing Ourselves.

The articles below will help you to learn about yourself.  Because the first step in getting to know the man of your dreams to know yourself first.

What’s Up With Dating Women Who Think and Act Like Men?


We’re not saying that there is a certain way all men are, or a certain way that all women are. Still, there are plenty of […]

Should A Woman Block Her Jealous Ex On Social Media?


Should a woman block her jealous ex on social media? The answer seems built into the question: the words “ex” and “jealous” are generally a […]

Why Might a Woman Give Her Dog More Love Than She Gives The Man of Her Dreams?


The answers to this question should be immediately obvious. For one thing, dogs love their women unconditionally, and don’t care a whit about their women’s […]

“How to Start Dating After a Long Relationship?” Part I


The question of how to start dating after a long relationship begins with the simple word HOW. If you have been in a long relationship […]

Sex, Lies, and Self-Deception


When you lie, you not unknowingly deceive yourself but the very man you wish to attract. If you are guilty of this cardinal sin, don’t […]

The Line Between Independence and Selfish Pride: Avoiding Unattractive Behaviors


Every man claims to love an independent woman, and every independent woman claims to love herself! Dating can be a tricky situation, with us always […]

What Role Does Health and Wellness Play in Finding and Keeping the MOYD?


When I was in my twenties, I was a wild child. I traveled to China, Bali, South America, and all over the U.S.A. partying and […]

24 Lies that Women Want to Hear


A conversation with my lady: Do honesty and full disclosure make for a great relationship? Will the truth set you free, or greatly raise your […]

If Your Bed Could Talk, What Would It Say?


“Girl, we had a good time last night with Fred, and the night before, with Johnny, was even better.” Would your bed speak in different […]

Top 10 Reasons Women Do Not Cheat on the Men of Their Dreams


When I was first presented with the idea for this article, I have to be honest–I laughed. Like women don’t cheat? The answer is the […]

Do Successful Relationships Always Come With Pain?


When starting a new relationship, we always hope for pleasure and good times, expect that the other person will make us happy and our life […]

Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image?


The question is; Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image, When Behind Closed Doors They Really Like Women? What a tricky and […]