You – The Most Important Aspect of a Relationship we Often Forget is Knowing Ourselves.

The articles below will help you to learn about yourself.  Because the first step in getting to know the man of your dreams to know yourself first.

What Is a Woman Saying When She Dresses Provocatively?

When a woman wears sexy clothing, chances are that she is wearing the clothes in order to feel good about herself in a number of […]

How Does A Women’s Failed Relationship With Her Father Affect Her Relationships With Men?

Daddy’s girl. These two words conjure up a perfect, Norman Rockwell-esque picture of a loving dad with his happy, adoring daughter. There will be smiles […]

Learning To Be Happy In Your Relationship!

Does it seem like no matter what personality type you date, your relationships just don’t work out? They seem so hopeful in the beginning, until […]

How To Know You Are NOT Marriage Material

“To be or NOT to be” marriage material? (How To Know if You Are Wifey Material?) That’s a question that needs to be answered! Marriage […]

Should A Man Buy His Woman Flowers Everyday?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer here, only personal opinion and reasoning. I am sure there are many women who would LOVE a […]

Why Are Women So Happy About Getting Married?

Why are women so happy about getting married? Blame it on Barbie and Ken. Or Fred and Wilma. Or Prince Charming. (Sigh) It is the […]

What’s Up With Dating Women Who Think and Act Like Men?

We’re not saying that there is a certain way all men are, or a certain way that all women are. Still, there are plenty of […]

Should A Woman Block Her Jealous Ex On Social Media?

Should a woman block her jealous ex on social media? The answer seems built into the question: the words “ex” and “jealous” are generally a […]

Why Might a Woman Give Her Dog More Love Than The Man of Her Dreams?

The answers to this question should be immediately obvious. For one thing, dogs love their women unconditionally, and don’t care a whit about their women’s […]

“How to Start Dating After a Long Relationship?” Part I

The question of how to start dating after a long relationship begins with the simple word HOW. If you have been in a long relationship […]

Sex, Lies, and Self-Deception

When you lie, you not unknowingly deceive yourself but the very man you wish to attract. If you are guilty of this cardinal sin, forgive […]

The Line Between Independence and Selfish Pride: Avoiding Unattractive Behaviors

Every man claims to love an independent woman, and every independent woman claims to love herself! Dating can be a tricky situation, with us always […]